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Dr. Kathleen Deagan


Dr. Kathleen Deagan, Distinguished Research Curator of Archeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, presented a public lecture entitled, “Archaeology at Columbus’ First American Town: La Isabela 1493-1498”. The lecture discussed and illustrated new understanding of the Columbian venture revealed by archeology.

Deagan is internationally recognized as one of the leading archeologists who specialize in the Spanish Colonial period. She has conducted research in St. Augustine, Fla. since 1972 and the Caribbean since 1979. Her research has focused on Spanish colonization in Florida and the Caribbean, particularly on cultural development in response to the environment and the social realities of colonization. She has meticulously documented the earliest Spanish occupation of the Caribbean in the town of La Isabela, Christopher Columbus' first town in the New World.

Deagan also presented a classroom lecture, "Historical Archaeology in St. Augustine, Florida; revealing the unwritten past," at 9 a.m. in room 1-303 of the TLC building discussing 30 years of archaeology in St. Augustine. After this lecture, she met with anthropology students at a noon reception in room 304 of the Pafford Building.