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Dr. Owen Beattie

Dr. Owen Beattie, a renound Canadian physical anthopologist was the Waring distinguished on March 5th, 1999. Dr. Beattie presented is lecture on "The Frozen Sailors of the 1845 Franklin Expedition". He iscussed the ill-fated expedition ad the causes of death of three of the crew, whose graves were excavated on Beechey Island in the Canadian Arctic.

Beattie has worked onmore than 150 human death cases for coroners offices in British Columbia the Northest Territories, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. He has also worked for medical examiners in various Canadian cities. Dr. Beattie is a professor and associate chair in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton where he has worked sonce 1980. His courses have ranged from physical anthropology, human osteology, forensic anthropology and forensic archaeoogy.

Dr. Beattie earned his Ph.D in physical antrhropology from the Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University in British Columbia in 1981.