Disclaimer: The percentages listed below are calculated based on the grading information and assignment sections of publicly available syllabi. The information provided is an approximation on the types of assignments within each individual class and is not meant as an absolute interpretation of all the inherent activities in said class(es).

ANTH 2001 - Introduction to Archaeology

Writing Required: 85% - 95%

This class contains exams that include a short answer and essay portion as well as various writing assignments, such as chapter summaries.

ANTH 3110 - Human Osteology

Writing Required: 50% - 80%

This class contains lab reports and quizzes and exams that may contain short answer sections.

ANTH 4100 - History of Anthropological Thought

Writing Required: 65% - 90%

This class contains exams and quizzes that may contain some element of writing.

ANTH 4130 - Medical Anthropology

Writing Required: 75% - 90%

This class contains essays,  reading responses, and exams that may have short answer and essay question sections.

ANTH 4165 - Primatology

Writing Required: 80% - 90%

This class contains exams with short answer and essay questions, a research paper, and various other writing assignments, such as reports and reading responses.

ANTH 4173 - Language and Culture

Writing Required: 60% - 90%

This class contains a research paper, reading responses, and exams that might include short answer and essay questions.

ANTH 4184 - Anthropology Capstone

Writing Required: 60% - 80%

This class contains discussion posts, a report, career preparation assignments (a CV and cover letter), and a capstone project that can consist of multiple parts.

ANTH 4204 - Ice Age Peoples of North America

Writing Required: 85% - 95%

This class contains a research paper, debate notes, structured commentaries, reading assessments, and exams that include short answer and essay questions.

ANTH 4885 - Special Topics

Writing Required: 60% - 90%

The assignments in this class will vary depending on the professor's specifications. This class will contain some element of writing in its various assignments, such as the following: reflection essays, research essays, reports, projects, discussions, quizzes, and/or exams that include short answer and essay questions.

Classes Without Information:

(Currently, these classes do not have publicly-accessible syllabi available for review.)

ANTH 1100 - Faces of Culture

ANTH 1101 - Voices of Culture

ANTH 1102 - Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 1105 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology

ANTH 2002 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 2004 - Statistical Methods Anthropology

ANTH 3103 - Archaeological Laboratory Methods

ANTH 3158 - Economic Anthropology

ANTH 3170 - Religion in America: The Shakers and Other Utopian Societies

ANTH 3180 - Environmental Anthropology

ANTH 3186 - Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 3188 - Ethnographic Field Methods

ANTH 3200 - Directed Research

ANTH 3250 - Field Methods in Physical Anthropology

ANTH 4102 - Archaeological Field Research

ANTH 4105 - Environmental Archaeology

ANTH 4115 - North American Archaeology

ANTH 4122 - Bioarchaeology

ANTH 4125 - Forensic Anthropology

ANTH 4132 - Human Life Cycle in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 4134 - Animals and Culture

ANTH 4135 - Genes and Genomania

ANTH 4144 - Peoples and Cultures of Latin America

ANTH 4146 - Latin@s in the United States

ANTH 4150 - Human Evolution

ANTH 4155 - Peoples and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa

ANTH 4170 - Myth, Magic and Religion

ANTH 4176 - Narrative and Storytelling in Ethnography

ANTH 4181 - Cultural Resources Management

ANTH 4186 - Internship

ANTH 4201 - Artifact Analysis

ANTH 4202 - Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations

ANTH 4881 - Independent Study

ANTH 4900 - Directed Reading

ANTH 4983 - Directed Research