Disclaimer: The percentages listed below are calculated based on the grading information and assignment sections of publicly available syllabi. The information provided is an approximation on the types of assignments within each individual class and is not meant as an absolute interpretation of all the inherent activities in said class(es).

CEPD 4101 - Educational Psychology

Writing Required: 20% - 30%

This class contains a tutorial system project.

Classes Without Information:

(Currently, these classes do not have publicly-accessible syllabi available for review.)

CEPD 2101 - Childhood Development

CEPD 2102 - Developmental Psychology

CEPD 2120 - Career Life Planning

CEPD 2121 - Organizational Leadership

CEPD 3200 - Skills and Ethics in Human Services

CEPD 4106 - Seminar in Residence Hall Staff Education

CEPD 4150 - Tests and Measurements

CEPD 4200 - Working with Diverse Populations in Human Services