Disclaimer: The percentages listed below are calculated based on the grading information and assignment sections of publicly available syllabi. The information provided is an approximation on the types of assignments within each individual class and is not meant as an absolute interpretation of all the inherent activities in said class(es).

READ 3251 - Children’s Literature

Writing Required: 60% - 70%

This class contains lesson plans, reflections, reading responses, discussion posts, journals, and a research project.

Classes Without Information:

(Currently, these classes do not have publicly-accessible syllabi available for review.)

READ 3262 - Teaching Content and Process: Reading Education

READ 3263 - Teaching Content and Process: Integrated Literacy Education and Process Writing

READ 4201 - Language and Literacy for Diverse Populations

READ 4251 - Assessment and Correction Reading Education

READ 4252 - Literature in the Middle School

READ 4253 - The Reading Writing Connection

READ 4254 - Reading and Writing in the Content Areas

READ 4285 - Special Topics