Disclaimer: The percentages listed below are calculated based on the grading information and assignment sections of publicly available syllabi. The information provided is an approximation on the types of assignments within each individual class and is not meant as an absolute interpretation of all the inherent activities in said class(es).

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Classes Without Information:

(Currently, these classes do not have publicly-accessible syllabi available for review.)

SLPA 3701 - Introduction to Communication Disorders 

SLPA 3702 - Speech and Language Acquisition 

SLPA 3703 - Phonetics 

SLPA 3704 - Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing 

SLPA 3705 - Speech and Hearing Science 

SLPA 3760 - Articulation and Phonological Disorders 

SLPA 3790 - Introduction to Clinical Practicum: Observation 

SLPA 4701 - Language Disorders in Children 

SLPA 4703 - Introduction to Audiology 

SLPA 4704 - Introduction to Manual Communication 

SLPA 4720 - Introduction to Assessment of Speech-Language Disorders 

SLPA 4721 - Introduction to Neurological Communication Disorders 

SLPA 4722 - Multicultural Perspectives in Communication Disorders 

SLPA 4723 - Advanced Methods of Clinical Management 

SLPA 4724 - Counseling Issues in Communication Disorders 

SLPA 4784 - Professional Practices Seminar in Communication Disorders 

SLPA 4785 - Special Topics in Speech-Language Pathology