• Mission, Values, and Goals

    Mission Statement

    The Department of Computer Science will offer an excellent computer science education in a personal environment. Students, faculty, and staff will engage in extracurricular activities that enrich the learning experience and offer opportunities to interact with peers. The Faculty and Staff will dedicate themselves to preparing our students for successful careers, life-long learning, and citizenship.

    Statement of Values

    The Department

    • Values most highly student learning in a personal environment.
    • Encourages each Faculty and Staff member to undertake the professional development that makes educational excellence possible.
    • Aims to achieve continuous improvement in all our professional activities.

    This being so, the Department rewards and promotes:

    • Excellence in teaching both inside and outside the classroom and laboratory.
    • The scholarship of discovery, of learning and teaching, of integration, and of application.
    • Faculty-directed student research and traditional faculty scholarship.
    • Interactions with our students that foster their academic and personal growth.
    • Leadership in service to the Department, the College of Science and Mathematics, the University, the West Georgia region, and the discipline.

    Department Goals

    1. Offer a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science that meets or exceeds national standards for undergraduate computer science programs as defined by the IEEE/ACM Joint Task Force on Computing Curricula 2001 (CC2001), and the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org.
    2. Offer an online Master of Science in Applied Computer Science that prepares college graduates from any discipline for successful careers in computing by providing a curriculum focused on foundations of computing coupled with applied knowledge and advanced technical skills.
    3. Offer undergraduate CS general education courses, as part of UWG's Core Curriculum, that provides UWG undergraduates with an introduction to computing and technology coupled with a focused set of applied skills.
    4. Offer an undergraduate minor in computer science that offers non-majors an introduction to computing theory, practices, and applications.
    5. Support extracurricular activities that help our students prepare for their careers, for lifelong learning, and for citizenship.
    6. Encourage and support faculty-directed student research as a means of enriching our students' learning experience.

    The Department will develop and maintain policies that support our goals, including policies that affect program development, Faculty and Staff responsibilities, and criteria for Faculty evaluation, tenure, and promotion. The Department will utilize its assessment plan to regularly and consistently review and assess our effectiveness in achieving our goals, as well as, a means to identify, implement, and document actions for improvement.

  • Governance

    The Department's governance structure consists of the Departmental by-laws, criteria for promotion and tenure, evaluation guidelines, and guidelines for teaching portfolios. Departmental governance supplements all College, University, and Board of Regents policies and guidelines.

    The Department's governance structure consists of the following documents. Departmental governance supplements all College, University, and Board of Regents policies and guidelines.

    University and College level governance and evaluation information may be found at the websites for the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the College of Science and Mathematics, respectively.



  • Milestones
    • 2013 - present M.S. in Applied CS is nationally ranked by US News & World Report
    • 2011 M.S. in Applied CS transitions to a 100% online program
    • 2002 M.S. in Applied CS established
    • 2001 Move to new facilities in the $20-million TLC building, increasing student lab space from a single shared lab to six dedicated CS labs
    • 2000 B.S. in Computer Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org
    • 1999 Department of Computing becomes Department of Computer Science, reflecting a new focus in its mission
    • 1995 Department of Computing established from Computer Science & Mathematics faculty
    • 1991 B.S. in Computer Science established