The committee shall consider requests for promotion and tenure by College faculty and make recommendations to the Dean of the College for each such request, in accordance with the procedures specified in the Faculty Handbook, Sections 103.01 and 103.0201.B.


One faculty from each academic department of the College, elected by their department, and one faculty elected by the College at large. All members of the committee must be tenured faculty. Department chairs are not eligible to serve, nor are any faculty members whose own application for tenure or promotion would come before the committee during their term of service. No member may serve more than one term consecutively unless there are no other members of their department eligible to serve. All terms shall be two-year terms, except the initial election following the adoption of these rules in which terms will be staggered so that approximately one-half of the committee will be elected each subsequent year. 

For the academic year 2020-2021, its members are: 

  • Marjorie Snipes, Anthropology   (2019-2021)    
  • Gavin Lee, Criminology (2019-2021)
  • Hazel Cole, Mass Communications   (2019-2021) 
  • Anthony Fleming,  Political Science   (2019-2021)  
  • Alan Pope, Psychology (2020-2022) 
  • Neema Noori, Sociology  (2020-2022)   
  • Heather Mbaye, Chair, At-large (2020-2022)