NOW AVAILABLE: An Advanced Guide for Moving Instruction Online Effectively (clickable link)


Looking for info about QM courses?  Click here to see the CTL's suggested courses.

Teaching from a Distance

You have all the support you could need to teach your courses from wherever you are:

•  Moving Instruction Online Effectively: An Advanced Guide for Faculty – Click this link to explore the CTL's guide to teaching online via CourseDen.

•   The USG's Keep Teaching Guides – Click the link to review the USG's resource course for help with making the transition to teaching remotely.

You can call or email, too:

•   For technical assistance with CourseDen, email UWG Online at or call 678-839-6248. Or explore their new repository of tutorials (link).

•   For pedagogical and/or specialized assistance with online teaching, email the Center for Teaching and Learning at or call 678-839-5289. 

Need help with CourseDen in the middle of the night or weekends?  The USG has a 24-hour service desk for CourseDen (D2L):

•   After-hours helpline: 1-855-772-0423

•   24-hour online searchable help (link)