The faculty of the College of Education affirms the principle of shared governance and recognizes the responsibility of the faculty and administration to govern the internal affairs of the College.

As such, the faculty of the College shall have the right and responsibility to take action in matters relating primarily to the initial operation of the College. The Faculty Governance Council is the official body designated to bring governance issues to the Faculty Assembly and to make recommendations to the Dean about the structure, function, and regulation of the College of Education.

Composition of the Faculty Governance Council

The Governance Council is comprised of 2 representatives from each department.

The  2018 Faculty Governance Council Members include:

  • Dr. Jennifer Edelman, Early Childhood Through Secondary Education
  • Dr. Katy Green, Literacy and Special Education
  • Dr. Christie Johnson, Leadership, Research, and School Improvement
  • Dr. Twyla Perryman, Communication Sciences and Professional Counseling
  • Dr. Judy Butler (Faculty Senate Chair Elect), Early Childhood through Secondary Education
  • Dr. Lara Willox,. Educational Technology and Foundations
  • Dr. Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott, College of Education Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Anne Merrem, Sports Management, Wellness and Physical Education
  • Dr. Matt Varga, Communication Sciences and Professional Counseling

Charges of the Council

The Faculty Governance Council is charged with the following:

  1. Recommend on curricular matters, policies on academic freedom, and responsibility of faculty; monitor and report on faculty culture and climate issues; make recommendations to the dean about the need for ad hoc committees;
  2. Recommend policies and procedures that pertain to the functioning of the College (academic, non-academic, administrative, non-administrative) to the dean;
  3. Provide support for all College accreditation needs to the Dean’s office;
  4. Act as an advocate for the faculty in all College matters under deliberation;
  5. Conduct annual review of College Committees.