• How Do I Make An Open Records Request?

    Please follow this link to make an open records request: https://www.westga.edu/administration/vpaa/iea/open-records.php 

  • How Do I Find A Policy?

    The University of West Georgia is currently reformatting and revising its policy to make it easier to find and understand. Please visit the Policy home page at westga.edu/policy for information.

    For any updated policy, the procedures will be kept by University General Counsel as well as the University unit responsible for the oversight of the policy. For a copy of the procedures, please ask one of those sources.

  • How Do I Write A Policy?

    Please use these forms to draft new or revised policies or procedures:

  • How Do I File A Grievance?

    Q: What is your relationship to UWG?


    I am a Student, or the Parent of a Student. 

    The Student Handbook in Appendix A, C, D and N establishes a set procedure for students who feel they have been mistreated in some way.  Please note that the grievance process is for the student, not his/her parents.  Parents may be involved, but the student is the complaining party, so he/she cannot be absent from the process. 

    •  Complaints that do NOT involve sexual misconduct or discrimination fall under Appendix N, which requires a “written description of the complaint to the department head who has responsibility for the area of concern.”  From there, it is appealed to that person’s supervisor, then the department head/dean or the dean's designee. 
    •  If you have a claim of discrimination, in addition to informing the department head,  inform the Title IX Coordinator. 

    I am a Faculty Member or Staff.

    Except for allegations involving civil rights violations (which should always be referred to the HR Director and the Title IX Coordinator, and copied to the University General Counsel ), employees should initially be referred to their Department Chair, supervisor, the Provost, or HR if they have a concern. 

    I am a Member of the Community.

    Members of the community who have been injured or have a property claim can contact UWG's Office of Risk Management to file a claim.  If you wish to complain about the conduct of anyone on campus or any other issue, please contact University General Counsel, who will route your concerns to the appropriate party. 

    Q: I do not have a grievance, but wish to report misconduct.  How do I do that?

    If you have a complaint about a student, contact the Dean of Students or the Judicial Officer
    If you have a complaint about a faculty member, contact either the Chair of the Department or the Provost’s office.

    If you have a complaint about a staff member, contact his/her immediate supervisor or the HR Director

    Q:  Are there any other resources available?

    These contacts will make sure the proper party receives your complaint:

    • Ombuds office
    • Title IX Coordinator 
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution (which has been dormant for some time)
    • University General Counsel (Complaints and Appeals page)

    If you wish to report anonymously, UWG and the University System of Georgia have established Hotlines:

    If you have an emergency, please call the University Police:

    University Police  678-839-6000 (report sexual assault, crimes, medical events)

  • How Do I Protect My Privacy Rights?

    As an institution in the University System of Georgia, UWG is subject to a number of laws respecting both sunshine laws and privacy interests. Balancing the two can sometimes be difficult to understand. Where can you learn more? 

    See FERPA Tips and Open Records