The Office of the University Ombuds has been established to provide an accessible, informal space in which members of the campus community can seek assistance with navigating challenges or conflicts.  The office works to help visitors think through difficult situations, express concerns, and find answers to questions about University policies, procedures and practices in a neutral, impartial and confidential manner. The Ombuds Office also promotes conflict management and cooperation throughout the University community through outreach and trainings. When requested, Ombuds staff can facilitate informal conversations between parties who may find themselves in conflict.  

In their dealings with visitors (i.e.: faculty, staff and students), Ombuds staff will act with integrity and will advocate, not for any individual, but for fairness, equitable treatment, and respect throughout the University community. Ombuds staff shall be properly trained and will adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standard Operating Practices of the International Ombudsman Association. They shall also serve as sensors and resource persons in identifying systemic institutional problems. 

About Us

Ombuds staff operate informally and independent of the formal organizational structure of the University.  Professional staff in the Office of the University Ombuds are appointed by, and report to, the President of the University.  They work to resolve concerns, complaints and questions about University policies, procedures and practices. 

Contact Us

Location Strozier Hall
Room 218
Phone (678) 839-4165