Reservations with food, sales, alcohol, minors, or reservations considered to be a large event may require additional approvals. The approvals are managed within the Reserve West reservation system. Additional information about the reservation may be requested via email by the approver. You may check the status of your reservation by logging in to the Reserve West web app and viewing “My Events.”

General Information

  • A request for space does not guarantee that space will be assigned. The university reserves the right to reject any reservation that it determines is not in its best interest to fill. 
  • The University reserves the right to set the limits on the number of reservations of major facilities by non-university organizations or campus organizations.

Reservation Forms

  • Simple Meeting Form
    • Only certain spaces on campus qualify for this type of request.
    • This option is for UWG faculty and staff ONLY. If Non-UWG guests are attending, you must submit your request through the Meeting/Event Reservation form.
    • These requests can be made 2 business days in advance.
    • The rooms are "as-is" and no special request for setup/breakdown can be made.
    • If you need a space that requires any special Audio and Visual needs, special parking needs or food/catering, it is not considered a simple meeting. You must submit your request using the Meeting/Event Reservation form.
    • This form does not allow recurring meetings to be scheduled. You must submit that request through the Meeting/Event Reservation Form
  • Meeting/Event Reservation Form
    • All student organizations must use this form to submit a reservation request.
    • Meetings/events that require multiple locations, resources from WIC, catering, and any other UWG resource can now be reserved under this form.
    • These requests must be made 10 business days in advance.
  • Event Promo, Outdoor Space, or Tabling Reservation Form
    • These requests must be made 10 business days in advance.


Reserve Space Now

Service Orders

If your event requires any services from WIC, Publications and Printing, or Classroom Support, then you must request those services through the Reserve West Web app along with reserving the space. 

Scheduling Priority

The university reserves the right to determine a space request’s priority category. Reservations submitted during priority time are accepted on a first come, first served basis within the priority category. Please note, priority levels may vary by venue. Please refer to each venue’s policies and procedures for priority information.

Changes to Reservations

If changes need to be made to the meeting/event, please complete this request through Reserve West web app under “My Events” or email the venue directly. Venues must be notified with the changes at least 7 business days prior to event start date, or change fees may apply.


  • General Cancellations -  If the meeting/event needs to be canceled, please request the request in the Reserve West web app at least 7 business days prior to the event start date or a cancellation fee may apply.
  • Administrative Cancellations/Changes - If the event that confirmed reservations may be changed or canceled due to a conflict with another meeting/event or academic need, then the venue managers will work with the organization to provide alternative accommodations whenever possible.
  • Inclement Weather Cancellations - - When the campus is closed due to inclement weather, your event will automatically be canceled. Rescheduling the meeting/event can be done through the Reserve West web app.

Event Insurance

All events by an organization that is not an official University Sub-unit (including student organizations) must present a certificate of insurance to The Coliseum Administration. Insurance may be purchased through the Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) program.

Facility Care

  • All groups/organizations, including student organizations/groups, must leave facilities as they found them.
  • If food or drink is permitted, trash should be placed in trash cans.
  • All individuals reserving University of West Georgia facilities are expected to ensure proper care of the venue and equipment. Damage, repair, and replacement costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department. UWG property (i.e. furniture, paintings, sculptures, displays, flags, etc.) may not be moved or removed from a venue without approval from venue manager..
  • No changes should be made to the arrangement of the furniture, equipment, or other University property unless prior approval has been granted. If approved, any furniture moved within the facility must be placed back to the original set-up.
  • Facilities that are left unusable for the next day will be traced to the group/ organization, which may be charged for the cost of returning the facility to its pre-event status and the organization may be banned from future use of University facilities.

University Police Event Procedures

Certain events on campus may require police presence. All events with 150+ attendees are subject to review by university police. For more information on these policies and procedures, please visit

Tailgating Policies & Procedures

Tailgating has long been a tradition with sporting events, especially on the collegiate level.  Nothing is better than gathering with other Wolves fans, fellow classmates, alumni, friends, or family before home athletic events. Please follow our Tailgating Policies & Procedures while at UWG.  

Freedom of Expression

The University of West Georgia ("UWG or the University") places great importance on First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right to assemble peaceably. The University remains firmly committed to affording groups and individuals the opportunity to engage in peaceful and orderly protests and demonstrations. In order to achieve this objective, while at the same time ensuring that the University fulfills its educational mission, the University may regulate the time, place, and manner of expression to assure equal opportunity for all persons, preserve order within the campus community, protect and preserve University property, and provide a secure environment to individuals exercising freedom of expression.

Food on Campus

All campus events which include the serving of food must have that food provided by Dine West. Approval for any outside vendor must be made by the Executive Director of Dine West or his designee. Please see the links below for more information.


Alcohol use on campus requires approval from the University of West Georgia Auxiliary Services to proceed with any alcohol service at your event. Please see the attached links regarding University Policy.


Fundraising by UWG affiliated members for contributions through activities are permitted per the guidelines found on the below links.

Sales, Advertising, and Solicitation

Solicitations for cash contributions by UWG affiliated members through sales activities are permitted per the guidelines found on the below links.

Drone Operations

Any use of unmanned aerial vehicles ("drones") on campus must have approval from the Office of Risk Management.

Open Flame

Use of open flame (candles, tiki torches, patio heaters, grills, campfires, etc.) is prohibited on campus unless approved by the Office Risk Management/ Environmental Health and Safety.


Events on campus that have minors who will be in attendance require the approval of Risk Management.

Facility Usage Fees

Fees for events on campus are determined primarily by the type of group making the reservation and the venue of the reservation.