African American Male Initiative Abroad: Understanding Access, Equity and Opportunity through Cross-Cultural Capital

Location: Slavador, Brazil
Term: Spring 2019

Program Description:
The AAMI Study Abroad Brazil program is designed for students in the AAMI Learning Community who are interested in learning more about Afro-Brazilian culture and how it compares to the African-American experience. Through this program, UWG students will also have a unique opportunity to participate in the rich and dynamic aspects of Brazilian history, culture, politics, and economy. Additionally, they will acquire basic understanding of how race, class, gender, and geographic location intersect to impact educational and non-educational opportunities for Afro-Brazilians. This program will introduce students to the South American country of Brazil and its people, particularly in Salvador (i.e., the Bahia region), which has one of the largest Afro-Brazilian populations in the area.

By living and studying outside the United States, students from UWG will acquire and develop a breadth of knowledge, skills, and perspectives across national boundaries that will help them become more globally aware, particularly about the educational opportunities afforded to Afro-Brazilians in Salvador, Brazil. Students will enroll in the AAMI Learning Community's spring XIDS 2300 course, which will include travel to Brazil over spring break. The course has a three-part focus: (a) comparing and examining the educational challenges and opportunities for Afro-Brazilians with comparable challenges and opportunities with other demographic groups in the United States; (b) creating partnerships with educational institutions and/or community-based agencies in Brazil to provide an enriching international experience for UWG students for cross-cultural exchange and (b) developing service-learning, field-based work, and research opportunities for UWG students with strong interests in educational access and equity and similar social justice topics. Student learning goals in this course will focus on improving skills in writing and research.

Costs and Funding:

The program charge includes roundtrip airfare between Atlanta and Salvador, most meals, housing, lectures, field trips and cultural activities, a two-day stay on the island of Morro de Sao Paolo and travel insurance. Students will pay tuition separately. This program will be able to provide assistance to enable students who do not yet have a passport to obtain one. For more information on program costs and application, click here.