The University of West Georgia strongly believes in the importance of inclusiveness for everyone. In fact, it is a core value of the institution.

The 3-year-old initiative implements academic practices that result in a more inclusive and culturally competent campus community. Resident Scholars serve as liaisons and encourage collaboration between CDI and individual faculty members in their respective departments.One of the main goals is to institutionalize diversity practices through engaging the faculty.

“The effectiveness of institutional policy and culture change is often linked to the tenure of institutional leadership.”  “But given the turnover rate in higher education’s upper administration and that faculty members are key drivers of campus culture, the integration of faculty groups into diversity and inclusion efforts is crucial for sustainable and meaningful change.

“The purpose of the Residential Scholars program is to assist the Center for Diversity and Inclusion achieve a more robust, integrated approach to diversity, equality, and inclusion that transforms the institutional culture, rather than merely making tactical moves that lead to poorly integrated efforts and symbolic implementation.” 

 “One of the challenges reported by faculty across the nation who work on research and teaching devoted to diversity and broader social change is convincing colleagues that their scholarly record merits promotion.”  “This means that scholarly work on diversity and inclusion can often go unrewarded. We seek to create programs to recognize faculty for their contributions to diversity.”