UWG ITS Customer Support Lab Assistantship

“I like that it's a job that works around my class schedule.” 

“Best job on campus!”

Job Description
Student computer lab assistants open and close computer labs, maintain the overall working order and cleanliness of the labs, perform primary troubleshooting of technical issues, report unresolved issues, assist students with hardware and software questions, and handle disruptions or emergencies in the labs. Assistants should have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office and good communications skills.

To apply:

1. Download and fill-out the On Campus Job Application

2. All UWG positions require a resume. Students may receive help preparing a resume by using the Career Services Resume Builder or by visiting Career Services in Row Hall (678-839-6431).

3. Prepare a Cover Letter with the following information:
Write briefly about why you would like to be a UWG ITS Customer Support lab assistant, and about some of the skills you have that would make you a great assistant.

4. All applications must go through the WolfWorks Experience website and click on the WolfWorks icon.

5. Once your account has been created:

• Type “Assistant” in the Search Bar and choose Carrollton, GA as the location.

• Then, upload your Application, Resume, and Cover Letter for the UWG Computer Lab Assistant, SITS Administrative Assistant, or Technical Assistant positions in which you are interested.

If you have any questions, please email us at itscsapp@westga.edu.