LIBR 2100: Information Literacy and Research (formerly LIBR 1101: Academic Research and the Library) is a two-hour credit course taught by university librarians. This course is an introduction to information literacy: the ability to find, evaluate, and ethically use information both in- and outside of the classroom. Students examine how they currently use information and critically reflect on how that information is shaped by political, cultural, and social forces.

Open to all undergraduates, this class fulfills section B2 of the core curriculum.  Each semester, the library offers online and face-to-face sections of the course.  Online sections are not required to come to campus.  Students in online sections will need regular access to an Internet-capable computer.

Course learning outcomes:

  1. Identify, access, evaluate, and use information appropriate to a specific purpose. 

  2. Analyze the political, cultural, and social dimensions of information. 

  3. Ethically create information by synthesizing sources