Amy Lavender

A true Wolf through and through, I graduated from UWG in 2005 with a degree in English, and I haven't stopped singing the praises of Going West yet! After 10 years in journalism, I decided it would be great to do all that praising full time. After a couple of years at University Communications and Marketing, I am now using my experience in media relations for the benefit of Richards College of Business and all the people in it. My time in the newsroom and UCM has led to a diverse skill set, which includes online media, organizational branding, and multimedia content curation in addition to writing, editing, designing, social media strategizing and event planning. I also recently completed my M.A. in English, which has led me to the classroom to welcome the next generation of Wolves to UWG!

  • B.A., English Literature, University of West Georgia, 2005
  • M.A., English Literature, publishing concentration, University of West Georgia, 2018

Fall 2020 Sections

  • XIDS-2002 (Maintain Yr Brand on Soc Media) Section: LJ8

Fall 2019 Sections

  • XIDS-2002 (Maintain Yr Brand on Soc Media) Section: 101