Debra Dwight, Ed.D., C.C.C. - SLP

My first semester of coursework in speech-language pathology was several decades ago. During that semester, I found myself building to a level of complete enthrallment at the concepts, the impacts, and magnitude of the profession. Today, nearly half a century later, I still feel those same levels of excitement and rhapsody about the profession that grabbed me all those decades ago. Over the years, I've seen some really nice things happen in the profession, and I even engendered one or two of those things. However, one of the most memorable of my interactions in the profession actually came from a group of graduate students at UWG who were less than happy with me because of grades they received on a writing assignment. I wasn't happy either because (1) I had to push to the side the topic I was scheduled to teach in order to add-in a two week "writing workshop" to teach writing skills, and (2) I had to grade all those writing assignments 2-3 times before I was pleased with the products. During our writing workshop, I received word that the students thought that I was "old, old-fashioned, tired, and needed to go home." My response was, "All of that's true; but they still need to learn how to write!" Well, they did learn to write and I did take my old, old-fashioned, tired self home. However, I didn't just stay home; the profession is much too beautiful for that. I continued working as a private therapist, and now, for a short term commitment, I'm extremely excited to be teaching in the speech-language pathology program at UWG. I'll bet, though, that I'm probably just too old to show that excitement! To that end, some of my professional involvements over the years are cataloged in my curriculum vitae. 

Spring 2021 Sections

  • SLPA-3705 (Speech and Hearing Science) Section: 01
  • SLPA-3705 (Speech and Hearing Science) Section: 02
  • SLPA-6791 (Clinic Prac & Meth in SLP II) Section: 01
  • SLPA-6791 (Clinic Prac & Meth in SLP II) Section: 91

Fall 2020 Sections

  • SLPA-3703 (Phonetics) Section: E01
  • SLPA-3704 (Anat & Physiol of Spch & Hear) Section: E02
  • SLPA-3704 (Anat & Physiol of Spch & Hear) Section: E01
  • SLPA-6708 (Adv Articulatn&Phnlgcl Disrdrs) Section: E01

Spring 2015 Sections

  • SLPA-3760 (Articulatn/Phonological Disord) Section: 01
  • SLPA-4721 (Intro Neurological Comm Dsrdrs) Section: 02
  • SLPA-6791 (Clinic Prac & Meth in SLP II) Section: 01