Faculty and Staff Directory - Career Services
Name Title E-mail Phone #
Abbot Packard, Ph.D. Professor apackard@westga.edu 678-839-6131
Abdollah Khodkar, Ph.D. Professor akhodkar@westga.edu 678-839-4126
Adrian Austin Professor aaustin@westga.edu 678-839-4773
Alan Pope, Ph.D. Professor apope@westga.edu 678-839-0601
Alan Yeong-Marcello Professor of Theatre-Costume Designer ayeong@westga.edu 678-839-1857
Alison Umminger, Ph.D. aumminge@westga.edu 678-839-4857
Amin Boumenir, Ph.D. Professor boumenir@westga.edu 678-839-4131
Amy Cuomo Professor of Theatre-Playwriting, Dramaturgy, Theatre History acuomo@westga.edu 678-839-4703
Amy Farmer, MSN, RN, FNP-BC Clinical Associate Professor amgood@westga.edu 678-839-5632
Andy Walter Professor awalter@westga.edu 678-839-4070
Angela Insenga, Ph.D. Professor of English and Director of General Education Assessment ainsenga@westga.edu 678-839-4864
Anja Remshagen, Ph.D. Professor anja@westga.edu 678-839-6657
Ann McCleary Professor and Director of the Center for Public History amcclear@westga.edu 678-839-6141
Anne Gaquere-Parker, Ph.D. Professor agaquere@westga.edu 678-839-6026
Benjamin DeMayo, Ph.D. Emeritus bdemayo@westga.edu 678-839-4097
Bobby E. Powell Emeritus bpowell@westga.edu 678-839-4087
Bonnie Jett, M.A. Lecturer bjett@westga.edu 678-839-2269
Brad Prince, Ph.D. Associate Dean bprince@westga.edu 678-839-6467
Bradford Yates Professor & Chair byates@westga.edu 678-839-4938
Bridgette Stewart, M. Ed. Faculty bstewart@westga.edu 678-839-6192
Bruce Bird Professor bbird@westga.edu 678-839-4813
Camilla Gant, Ph.D. Chief Administrative Officer & Executive Director for Academic Affairs Douglasville, Professor of Mass Communications cgant@westga.edu
Carl J. Jr. Quertermus carlq@westga.edu 678-839-4035
Carol Gingerich, Ed.D.C.T. Professor of Music, Piano, Piano Pedagogy cginger@westga.edu 678-839-6273
Catherine Jenks, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment
Associate Professor of Criminology
cjenks@westga.edu 678-839-6449
Chad Davidson, Ph.D. School of the Arts Director and Professor of English davidson@westga.edu 678-839-4865
Connie Clark Administrative Support, Office of Accounting cclark@westga.edu 678-839-5502
Charles Hodges Professor chodges@westga.edu 678-839-4816
David Leach, Ph.D. Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies cleach@westga.edu 678-839-4127
Cheryl O'Meara Brown, MBA Senior Lecturer in Marketing cbrown@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Christopher Tabit Professor and Chair of Biology ctabit@westga.edu 678-839-4022
Cait Oliver Coordinator for Volunteer Programs coliver@westga.edu 678-839-6526
Clint Samples Associate Dean and Professor of Art csamples@westga.edu 678-839-4949
Colleen Vasconcellos Professor cvasconc@westga.edu 678-839-6032
Daniel Williams Professor dkwillia@westga.edu 678-839-6034
David Bush Professor dbush@westga.edu 678-839-4057
David J. Boldt Professor dboldt@westga.edu 678-839-4771
David Jenks, Ph.D. Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs djenks@westga.edu 678-839-6445
David Morgan Professor dmorgan@westga.edu 678-839-4044
David Robinson, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer davidr@westga.edu 678-839-4137
David Newton, Ph.D. Associate Vice President & Professor of English dnewton@westga.edu 678-839-6445
Dawn McCord, D.M.A. Program Coordinator-Music, Professor of Music Education, Organ dmccord@westga.edu 678-839-6266
Debra MacComb, Ph.D. Professor of English dmaccomb@westga.edu 678-839-4869
Debrah A. Santini Associate Professor: Printmaking dsantini@westga.edu 678-839-4963
Deirdre Haywood-Rouse Director of Diversity Education & Community Initiatives dhaywood@westga.edu 678-839-5400
Denise Overfield, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School, Professor of Spanish doverfie@westga.edu 678-839-4759
Doug Turner Professor dturner@westga.edu 678-839-5252
Duane Yoder, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair dyoder@westga.edu 678-839-6658
Eilis Crean-Wojcik Professor: Painting & Foundations-Drawing ecrean@westga.edu 678-839-4954
Elaine MacKinnon Professor emcclarn@westga.edu 678-839-6048
Elizabeth Kramer, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Music History ekramer@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Emily Hipchen, Ph.D. Professor ehipchen@westga.edu 404-242-5463
Eric Dodson, Ph.D. Associate Professor edodson@westga.edu 678-839-0622
Farooq A. Khan Professor fkhan@westga.edu 678-839-6027
Faye McIntyre Dean and Sewell Chair of Private Enterprise fmcintyr@westga.edu 678-839-6467
Farrah Jackson fjackson@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Gregory Fraser, Ph.D. Professor of English gfraser@westga.edu 678-839-4856
Gwen Davidson Visual Resources Center Coordinator gdavidso@westga.edu 678-839-5298
Heather A. D. Mbaye, Ph.D. Professor hmbaye@westga.edu 678-839-4988
Heidi Banford hbanford@westga.edu 678-839-4034
Henry Zot hzot@westga.edu 678-839-6547
Steve Goodson, Ph.D. Professor hgoodson@westga.edu 678-839-6042
James Bellon Lecturer jbellon@westga.edu 678-839-4140
James Dillon, Ph.D. Professor/Program Coordinator jdillon@westga.edu 678-839-0607
James H. Burton, Ph.D. Professor of Real Estate jburton@westga.edu 678-839-5023
Ron Colley Chair & Professor rcolley@westga.edu 678-839-6469
James R. Mayer Department Chair jmayer@westga.edu 678-839-4055
Jim Yoder Professor jyoder@westga.edu 678-839-4820
Janet Donohoe, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the Honors College jdonohoe@westga.edu 678-839-4743
Janet Strickland, Ph.D. Associate Professor jstrickl@westga.edu 678-839-6061
Jason Kesler, M.F.A. Lecturer jkesler@westga.edu 678-839-4147
Javier E. Hasbun, Ph.D. Professor jhasbun@westga.edu 678-839-4092
Jeffrey Reber, Ph.D. Professor jreber@westga.edu 678-839-0612
Jill Drake, Ed. D. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs jdrake@westga.edu 678-839-6080
John Bleuel, D.M.A. Professor of Music, Saxophone jbleuel@westga.edu 678-839-6274
John Hansen Professor jhansen@westga.edu 678-839-6021
John Ponder, Ph.D. Department Chair, Associate Professor jponder@westga.edu 678-839-6076
John R. Fuller Professor Emeritus of Criminology jfuller@westga.edu
Joe Hendricks Professor jhendric@westga.edu 678-839-4037
Joshua Masters, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English jmasters@westga.edu 678-839-4862
Judy Butler, BSE, MLS, EDD Professor jbutler@westga.edu 678-839-6079
Julia Chibbaro, Ph.D. Professor of Counselor Education and College Student Affairs jchibbar@westga.edu 678-839-6110
Julia Whisenhunt, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, CPCS Associate Professor jwhisenh@westga.edu 678-839-6116
Julie Talbot, Ph.D. Associate Professor jtalbot@westga.edu 678-839-4093
Karen R. Rollins krollins@westga.edu 770-258-7529
Katie Chaple, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer kchaple@westga.edu 678-839-4860
Keith Bohannon Professor kbohanno@westga.edu 678-839-6045
Keith Kuykendall Part Time Instructor kkuykend@westga.edu 678-839-6029
Keith Pacholl Professor kpacholl@westga.edu 678-839-6044
Kevin R. Hibbard, D.M.A. Professor of Music, Director of Choirs, Voice khibbard@westga.edu 678-839-6261
Kevin Shunn Department Chair, Professor of Art: Sculpture kshunn@westga.edu 678-839-4960
Larry Schor, Ph.D. Professor lschor@westga.edu 678-839-0617
Lewis Baumstark, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Program Coordinator lewisb@westga.edu 678-839-6663
Li Cao, Ph.D. Professor lcao@westga.edu 678-839-6118
Li Yang, Ph.D. Professor lyang@westga.edu 678-839-6656
Lisa Gezon Professor lgezon@westga.edu 678-839-6457
Lisa Osbeck, Ph.D. Professor losbeck@westga.edu 678-839-0604
Lisa P. Crafton, Ph.D. Professor of English lcrafton@westga.edu 678-839-4871
Margaret Mitchell, Ph.D. Professor mmitchel@westga.edu 678-839-4852
Maria Doyle, Ph.D. Director of Education Abroad and Professor of English mdoyle@westga.edu 678-839-4853
Marjorie Snipes Professor msnipes@westga.edu 678-839-6453
Mark Kunkel, Ph.D. Associate Professor mkunkel@westga.edu 678-839-0621
Mary Beth Slone, Ph.D. Associate Professor mbslone@westga.edu 678-839-6129
Mary Kassis Professor mkassis@westga.edu 678-839-4777
Megumi Fujita Professor, Chemistry Academic Program Coordinator mfujita@westga.edu 678-839-6024
Melissa Hullender Senior Lecturer mhullend@westga.edu 678-839-4026
Myrna Smith msmith@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Michael D. Hester Lecturer / Debate Director & CDO Special Assistant mhester@westga.edu 770-362-9435
Michael de Nie Professor mdenie@westga.edu 678-839-6033
Mitzi McFarland, M.A. Senior Lecturer mmcfar@westga.edu 678-839-4159
Myrna Gantner, Ed.D., MT (ASCP) Associate Professor of Educational Leadership mgantner@westga.edu 678-839-6126
N. Jane McCandless Professor of Sociology jmccandl@westga.edu 678-839-6150
Nancy Pencoe npencoe@westga.edu 678-839-4036
O.P. Cooper, Ed. D. Lecturer ocooper@westga.edu 678-839-6108
Partha Ray Professor psray@westga.edu 678-839-6023
Pauline Gagnon, Ph.D. Dean and Professor of Theatre pgagnon@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Randal Kath, Ph.D. Professor rkath@westga.edu 678-839-4063
Randy J. Hendricks, Ph.D. Professor rhendric@westga.edu 678-839-2356
Robert C. Morris, Ph.D. Professor rmorris@westga.edu 678-839-6132
Robert Lane, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy rlane@westga.edu 678-839-4745
Shelly Elman Chair of English, Film, Languages, and Performing Arts
Professor of Theatre
relman@westga.edu 678-839-4704
Ron Best Professor rbest@westga.edu 678-839-4812
Rui Xu, Ph.D. Professor xu@westga.edu 678-839-4122
Salil M. Talpade, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing and Department Chair stalpade@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Salvador Lopez Associate Professor slopez@westga.edu 678-839-4778
Satyanarayana Swamy-Mruthinti Professor of Biology smruthin@westga.edu 678-839-4031
Scott Gordon, Ph.D. Professor, Director of Graduate Studies sgordon@westga.edu 678-839-4134
Scott Sykes, Ph.D. Professor, Director of Freshmen Math ssykes@westga.edu 678-839-4125
Sharmistha Basu-Dutt Professor, Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry sbdutt@westga.edu 678-839-6018
Spencer J. Slattery Professor sslatt@westga.edu 678-839-6550
Stacey Morin, M.A. Lecturer scarter@westga.edu 678-839-4159
Stacy Boyd, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies sboyd@westga.edu (678) 839-4851
Stephanie Smith Senior Lecturer & Gallery Director: Printmaking & Foundations slsmith@westga.edu 678-839-4950
Sunil Hazari, MBA, Ed.D Professor, Department of Marketing shazari@westga.edu 678-839-4842
Swarna D. Dutt Professor bdutt@westga.edu 678-839-4775
Tamra W Ogletree, Ph.D. Associate Professor togletre@westga.edu 678-839-6077
Teresa Leslie Lecturer tleslie@westga.edu 678-839-4883
Thomas A. Peterson, Ed. D. Assistant Professor tpeters@westga.edu 678-839-6128
Thomas Gainey Professor and Chair tgainey@westga.edu 678-839-4828
Thomas Hunter Associate Professor thunter@westga.edu 678-839-4994
Timothy M. Chowns Professor Emeritus tchowns@westga.edu 678-839-4052
Timothy Schroer Professor of History, Chair of the Department of General Education tschroer@westga.edu 678-839-6040
Tobin R. Hart, Ph.D. Professor thart@westga.edu 678-839-0603
Tuan Vu, Ph.D. Marion Crider Distinguished Chair vu@westga.edu 678-839-4135
Victoria J. Geisler Associate Professor vgeisler@westga.edu 678-839-6025
Mark Faucette, Ph.D. Associate Professor faucette@westga.edu 678-839-4133
Abigail Goodwin Systems Administration Manager agoodwin@westga.edu 678-839-6298
Alexandra Young Academic Instructional Support Specialist ayoung@westga.edu 678-839-6651
Amy Foster afoster@westga.edu 678-839-4737
Andy Young andyy@westga.edu 678-839-3954
Angela Mehaffey Resource Sharing Manager amehaffe@westga.edu 678-839-6354
Anita L. Saunders Manager of Travel Services asaunder@westga.edu 678-839-6394
Anita Bryant Administrative Support - Senior abryant@westga.edu 678-839-4051
Annette Pritchett Institutional Research Analyst- Intermediate apritche@westga.edu 678-839-2227
Bart Gillespie '92 Director of Advancement Services bgillesp@westga.edu 678-839-4109
Anuradha Chandran Applications Programmer achandra@westga.edu 678-839-5064
Arturo Gonzalez Parking and Transportation Specialist agonzale@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Ashley Lewis Director of MAP and Student Diversity alewis@westga.edu 678-839-5400
Becky Cole Departmental Assistant bcole@westga.edu 678-839-4810
Becky Nelson ESC Generalist/Scholarships bnelson@westga.edu 678-839-6140
Ben Aye-Addo bayeaddo@westga.edu 678-839-4910
Lt. Billy Stuart Patrol Division bstuart@westga.edu 678-839-4973
Blake Adams Director of Client Services badams@westga.edu 678-839-5053
Bradley Hobgood bhobgood@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Brenda McCrary Administrative Associate amccrary@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Brian McCrary Director of Academic Technology Services bmccrary@westga.edu 678-839-6619
Bryan Hostager bhostage@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Carla Powers Financial Aid Advisor cpowers@westga.edu 678-839-6421
Carlos Olvera Production Supervisor colvera@westga.edu 678-839-6483
Cheri Miller cmiller@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Charla Campbell, MPA, CRA Assistant Director, Office of Research & Sponsored Projects charlac@westga.edu 678-839-4749
Cherree Brown cherreeb@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Christy Rabern crabern@westga.edu 678-839-2474
Christy Talley Smith Director of eCore Curriculum & Instruction ctalley@westga.edu 678-839-0633
Dale Driver Assistant Vice President of IT Strategic Planning ddriver@westga.edu 678-839-4907
Sgt. Dale Walls Technology Division dwalls@westga.edu 678-839-5286
Danielle Plummer Office Manager dplummer@westga.edu 678-839-4780
David Manuel dmanuel@westga.edu 678-839-4722
Dawn West Senior Departmental Assistant dwest@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Debbie Cook Department Assistant, Associate dcook@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Deborah Lovvorn deborahl@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Denice King-Perdue Assistant Director of Alumni Relations dking@westga.edu 678-839-6384
Donna Joyner Departmental Assistant djoyner@westga.edu 678-839-4770
Edwin Rudolph Academic Instructional Support Specialist erudolph@westga.edu 678-839-6650
Elaine Heath-Ward Academic Advisor eheath@westga.edu 678-839-6055
Elsa Pena University Architect epena@westga.edu 678-839-6578
John Frevert Assistant Director for Training jfrevert@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Gail Bentley Office Manager gbentley@westga.edu 678-839-6455
Garth Wilson Client Services Technician - Senior gwilson@westga.edu 678-839-4010
George Petty Patrol Division gpetty@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Greta Kirby Assistant Postal Head gkirby@westga.edu 678-839-5935
Helen Chambers Degree Program Specialist hchamber@westga.edu 678-839-6102
Steven Broome Director of Photography & Video sbroome@westga.edu 678-839-6644
Jane Wood Administrative Support - Senior jwood@westga.edu 678-839-6485
Janet Barden jbarden@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Janet Gubbins Director, UWG Online jgubbins@westga.edu 678-839-0630
Janet Kendrick Clerical Assistant jkendric@westga.edu 678-839-4087
Jeremy Sheffield Assistant Director of Event Services jsheffie@westga.edu 678-839-4888
Jill Hendricks, Ed.S., LPC Patient Advocate, Associate Director jillhend@westga.edu 678-839-0641
Joann Morgan jemorgan@westga.edu 678-839-6533
Joe Geter Database Administrator jgeter@westga.edu 678-839-5059
Joseph H. Douglas jdouglas@westga.edu 678-839-4019
Joshua Browning Manager of Application Support jbrownin@westga.edu 678-839-5063
Julie Dobbs, CDA, BA Administrative Manager jdobbs@westga.edu 678-839-6498
Justin Sellers Sr. Systems Administrator jsellers@westga.edu 678-839-6013
Karen Hulsey HR Data Management Coordinator khulsey@westga.edu 678-839-6430
Karen Larsen, MBA Part-time Instructor klarsen@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Kathy Jones Certification Official kjones@westga.edu 678-839-6109
Keith Harris Production Supervisor keithh@westga.edu 678-839-6483
Lori Hobbs Departmental Associate lhobbs@westga.edu 678-839-6575
Lucretia T. Gibbs, MPAcc Director of Academic Budgeting, Planning, and Finance and Part-time Instructor in Accounting lgibbs@westga.edu 678-839-4753
Mardel Shumake Information Security Officer mshumake@westga.edu 678-839-4007
Mark Reeves Sr. Associate Vice President - Auxiliary Services mreeves@westga.edu 678-839-5079
Marshall Lott Grounds Superintendent mlott@westga.edu 678-839-5018
Mary Calhoun mcalhoun@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Matt Jordan Director - Risk Management/Environmental Health & Safety mjordan@westga.edu 678-839-6279
Matthew N. Clay mclay@westga.edu 678-839-1877
Melanie Clay melaniec@westga.edu 678-839-0627
Melanie Hildebrandt Lecturer mhildebr@westga.edu 678-839-5356
Melanie McClellan, Ph.D. Director of Carrollton-Carroll County Education Collaborative melmcc@westga.edu 678-839-2232
Melba Haynes Postal Head mhaynes@westga.edu 678-839-5933
Melissa Farley, BA, MA Serials Associate mfarley@westga.edu 678-839-6460
Michael Cooney Director of Development Athletics mcooney@westga.edu 678-839-3974
Michael Duncan, RPh Pharmacist mduncan@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Michael Harris mlharris@westga.edu 678-839-5291
Michael Richardson Programmer Analyst mrichard@westga.edu 678-839-5061
Mitch Gray mgray@westga.edu 678-839-6542
Nancy Lott Administrative Manager nlott@westga.edu 678-839-5031
George E. Watson Police Chief nwatson@westga.edu 678-839-5280
Patricia Brooks Parking and Transportation Specialist pbrooks@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Patricia Durrough Assistant Director pdurroug@westga.edu 678-839-6392
Patricia T. Jiles pjiles@westga.edu 678-839-5201
Patricia Wells Graduate Studies Associate,College of Social Sciences pwells@westga.edu 678-839-5942
Kristin Smith Assistant Director kristins@westga.edu 678-839-5578
Perran Makulu Pre-Kindergarden Teaching Assistant pmakulu@westga.edu 678-839-6089
Rebecca Riofrio, LPN Nurse, Women's Clinic rriofrio@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Renee Sparks, LPN Nurse rsparks@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Renet Jones rjones@westga.edu 678-839-4722
Rob Yawn Networking Manager ryawn@westga.edu 678-839-4006
Robert B. Jennings Director, Townsend Center rjenning@westga.edu 678-839-4722
Ricky Johnson Instructor rjohnson@westga.edu 678-839-4129
Roddy Miles Pharmacist rmiles@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Rodney H. Gibbs Construction Supervisor rgibbs@westga.edu 678-839-5557
Rolanda Farmer Academic Technology Services Team rfarmer@westga.edu 678-839-6622
Sabra Broome Academic Advisor shall@westga.edu 678-839-6052
Sean Connors Grounds Superintendent sconnors@westga.edu 678-839-5597
Sherri Shelnutt Smith Assistant Director, Marketing & Customer Relations sshelnut@westga.edu 678-839-5077
Sonya Adams Strategic Planning Analyst sadams@westga.edu 678-839-4750
Sonja Pitts Mail Clerk spitts@westga.edu 678-839-5936
Stacey L. Rowland Manager of Honors College Programming srowland@westga.edu 678-839-0628
Susan Holland Academic Instructional Support Specialist sholland@westga.edu 678-839-4874
Suzanne Garrett Faculty Records Coordinator sgarrett@westga.edu 678-839-6404
Suzanne Horton Academic Technology Services Team shorton@westga.edu 678-839-5054
Tamarsha Barnes Service Desk Specialist tbarnes@westga.edu 678-839-5056
Teresa Ock Secretary to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs tock@westga.edu 678-839-4752
Teresa Yates Office Manager lyates@westga.edu 678-839-6518
Teri Lewis Academic Instructional Support Specialist tlewis@westga.edu 678-839-2312
Terri M. Murphy Senior Benefits Administrator tbussey@westga.edu 678-839-6413
Tim North Network Engineer tnorth@westga.edu 678-839-4008
Vicki Hardin Associate Director, Employer Relations vhardin@westga.edu 678-839-6431
Wanda Eidson Degree Works Analyst weidson@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Wendy Cooley Foundation Scholarship Coordinator wcooley@westga.edu 678-839-4108
Jan Adams, M.M. Instructor of Keyboard Skills, Staff Accompanist jadams@westga.edu 678-839-6272
Randa Harris Lab Coordinator Senior rharris@westga.edu 678-839-4056
Beheruz N. Sethna Regents' Professor of Marketing bnsethna@westga.edu 678-839-5078
L. Elaine Harper Senior Institutional Research Analyst eharper@westga.edu 678-839-4762
Tara Pearson University Records and Information Manager & Open Records Officer tpearson@westga.edu 678-839-4763
Tina Bennett Executive Assistant to the President tbennett@westga.edu 678-839-6443
Ineke Abunawass Environmental & Safety Coordinator ineke@westga.edu 678-839-5546
Jeff Barron Ed.S, Mr. Instructor jbarron@westga.edu 678-839-4087
Erich Bergiel Professor ebergiel@westga.edu 678-839-4840
Lt. John Keener Administrative Division jkeener@westga.edu 678-839-4976
Jan Ridgway Departmental Manager jridgway@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Jennifer Jordan Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management jjordan@westga.edu 678-839-6423
Alison Shook, Ph.D. Assistant Professor ashook@westga.edu 678-839-6179
Jason Huett, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Associate Professor jhuett@westga.edu 678-839-6177
Susan Welch, EdD, RN, CCRN, C Associate Dean and Associate Professor swelch@westga.edu 678-839-5634
William J. Kenyon, Ph.D. Professor & Co-Director of Microbiology Certificate Program wkenyon@westga.edu 678-839-4033
Kasey Hannah khannah@westga.edu 678-839-3838
Rebecca Harrison, Ph.D. Professor rharriso@westga.edu 678-839-4868
Meg Pearson, Ph.D. Dean of University College, Professor of English megp@westga.edu 678-839-4892
Joan Deng Professor jdeng@westga.edu 678-839-5532
Patrick Erben, Ph.D. Professor & Director of Graduate Studies in English perben@westga.edu 678-839-6144
J. Salvador Peralta Professor jperalta@westga.edu 678-839-4993
Gary VanValen Associate Professor gvanvale@westga.edu 678-839-6036
David Collins Professor: Ceramics-All Levels dcollins@westga.edu 678-839-4958
Jeong-Hyun Kang, Ph.D. Associate Professor jkang@westga.edu 678-839-4124
Kwang Shin, Ph.D. Associate Professor kshin@westga.edu 678-839-4138
Mohammad Yazdani, Ph.D. Professor, Director of Mathematics Education Curriculum myazdani@westga.edu 678-839-4132
Sooho Lee Associate Professor & Graduate Director slee@westga.edu 678-839-4991
Wynena Cox Leader Teacher - Pre-Kindergarden wcox@westga.edu 678-839-6088
Sarah Holbrook sholbroo@westga.edu 678-839-6249
Jeong Seong Professor jseong@westga.edu 678-839-4069
Julie Lineback Communications Specialist jlinebac@westga.edu 678-839-5547
William Smith, Ph.D. Chair and Professor wjsmith@westga.edu 678-839-4779
Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott, Ph.D. Director Of Graduate Affairs and Professor of Special Education fraztrot@westga.edu 678-839-6159
James Murphy Associate Professor jmurphy@westga.edu 678-839-4774
Neill Korobov, Ph.D. Professor nkorobov@westga.edu 678-839-0608
Josh Sewell, M.A. Lecturer jsewell@westga.edu 678-839-4854
Allen McManus Project Manager amcmanus@westga.edu 678-839-6374
Linda Bittner Executive Associate lbittner@westga.edu 678-839-6385
Darlene McDaniel, MBA, CRA Award Management Specialist dmcdanie@westga.edu 678-839-4054
Georgina DeWeese Associate Professor gdeweese@westga.edu 678-839-6479
Stephanie Henderson Hollenbeck Instructional Designer and English Instructor shollenb@westga.edu 678-839-5295
Crystal Shelnutt, M.A., M.B.A. Senior Lecturer cshelnut@westga.edu 678-839-4858
Stefanie Anderson Financial Aid Advisor sanderso@westga.edu 678-839-6421
William Etheredge Academic Advisor wethered@westga.edu 678-839-0669
Kim C. Huett, Ed.D. Associate Professor khuett@westga.edu 678-839-6157
Neal Grizzard Accounting Assistant ngrizzar@westga.edu 678-839-5565
Erin Brannon Administrative Manager, University College ebrannon@westga.edu 678-839-5172
Julili Fowler Director of Engagement and Analytics jfowler@westga.edu 678-839-4784
Jonette Larrew Office Coordinator jlarrew@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Danilo M Baylen, Ed. D. Professor dbaylen@westga.edu 678-839-6130
Hilde Patron Professor hpatron@westga.edu 678-839-5036
Jim Sutherland Senior Vice President - Business and Finance sutherla@westga.edu 678-839-6410
Tammy McClenny, EdD, MSN, RN RN to BSN Director/Assistant Professor tmcclenn@westga.edu 678-839-5422
Carri Stewart cstewart@westga.edu 678-839-3968
Andy Nixon, Ed. D. Associate Professor, Chair anixon@westga.edu 678-839-6172
Karen Duke Office Manager kduke@westga.edu 678-839-2450
Kim Rajczyk Academic Advisor krajczyk@westga.edu 678-839-6051
Robert Schaefer Professor of Political Science rschaefe@westga.edu
Brent Heidorn, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Assessment bheidorn@westga.edu 678-839-6189
Jennifer Heidorn, M.S. Faculty jkoch@westga.edu 678-839-6182
Hannes Gerhardt Professor hgerhard@westga.edu 678-839-4064
Melanie Jordan, Ph.D Senior Lecturer melaniej@westga.edu 678-839-4156
Timothy Pitts Lecturer tpitts@westga.edu 678-839-6301
Brad Darvas Associate Professor of Theatre--Head of Design bdarvas@westga.edu 678-839-4701
Julia Farmer Director of Ombuds Services jfarmer@westga.edu 678-839-4165
Jack Wei, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing jwei@westga.edu 678-839-5026
Jean Cook Instruction Librarian jcook@westga.edu 678-839-6356
Sheikh Tijan Drammeh Senior Lecturer sdrammeh@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Nikki Adair Office Manager nadair@westga.edu 678-839-0692
Amber Rainey Departmental Assistant arainey@westga.edu 678-839-6550
Sgt. Reinhold Dorberth Patrol Division rdorbert@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Debra Clefisch Payroll Assistant, Senior dclefisc@westga.edu 678-839-6418
Matt Purcell Systems Administrator mpurcell@westga.edu 678-839-5505
Minna Rollins, D.Sc. Professor of Marketing mrollins@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Richard Sears Associate Vice President for Finance rsears@westga.edu 678-839-5353
Ashley Reece Collaborative Programs Support Specialist arainwat@westga.edu 678-839-0696
Melanie Hight Administrative Support mhight@westga.edu 678-839-6489
Gabe Whitt Windows Systems Admininstrator gwhitt@westga.edu 678-839-5069
Daryl Dickey ddickey@westga.edu 678-839-6534
Hope Udombon Administrative Director of WebMBA and Graduate Academic Advisor hudombon@westga.edu 678-839-5355
Calandra Lewis Service Desk Specialist clewis@westga.edu 678-839-5349
Sandra Pollard Lecturer spollard@westga.edu 678-839-5370
Dusty Otwell Lab Coordinator dotwell@westga.edu 678-839-6035
Keri Allen Academic Advisor keria@westga.edu 678-839-5342
Margot Davis, BA, MLS Resource Sharing Specialist margotd@westga.edu 678-839-6321
J. Michelle Crager, MSN, RN, CCRN, C Director of the Experiential Learning Center & Clinical Assistant Professor jcrager@westga.edu 678-839-5633
Ketty Cusick Director of Development - College of Arts & Humanities and Ingram Library kcusick@westga.edu 678-839-6501
Sgt. Ty True Patrol Division ttrue@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Jim Martin, MSN, FNP-C Nurse Practitioner jmartin@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Stephen Whitlock Director Housing and Residence Life swhitloc@westga.edu 678-839-6426
Shelley Rogers Senior Cataloger & Professor shelley@westga.edu 678-839-6351
Corey Hindman chindman@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Ronald King, M.Ed. Lead Health Educator rking@westga.edu 678-839-4164
Jody Bryan, MSN, MPH, RN Clinical Assistant Professor jbryan@westga.edu 678-839-5636
Sandra Robinson GCPA, GCPM, Assistant Director of Purchasing sbrobins@westga.edu 678-839-5251
Benjamin Team Instructor bteam@westga.edu 678-839-4087
John Upson Professor jupson@westga.edu 678-839-4835
Dr. Maggie Tennant Associate Director mtennant@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Susan Hall Webb, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business Communication swebb@westga.edu 678-839-4841
Catherine Hendricks, MS, MA Processing Archivist chendric@westga.edu 678-839-5337
Neema Noori, Ph.D. Professor and Director of Graduate Studies nnoori@westga.edu 678-839-6329
Soo Jung Moon Convergence Journalism Head & Professor smoon@westga.edu 678-839-4936
Dr. Lisa Adams Somerlot Interim Associate Vice President for Student Life ladams@westga.edu 678-839-6423
Candler Walls cwalls@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Lynn Anderson Associate Professor of French landerso@westga.edu 678-839-5958
Patrick Hadley Digital Media & Telecommunication Head & Associate Professor phadley@westga.edu 678-839-4931
Walter Riker, Ph.D. Associate Professor wriker@westga.edu 678-839-5317
Ewa Zennermann Director of Web Services ezenner@westga.edu 678-839-5331
Charles Lipp Professor and Director of Graduate Studies clipp@westga.edu 678-839-6039
Jade Loicano, M.A. Lecturer jadel@westga.edu 678-839-4744
Rod McRae CTL Director & Lecturer of English rmcrae@westga.edu 678-839-4162
Jeannette Diaz, Ph.D. Associate Professor jdiaz@westga.edu 678-839-0602
Philip Heard Lecturer pheard@westga.edu 678-839-4047
Pam Hunt Kirk, PhD Professor and Sociology Program Coordinator phunt@westga.edu 678-839-6336
Sara Molesworth-Kenyon, Ph.D. Associate Professor/Co-Director of Microbiology Certificate smoleswo@westga.edu 678-839-4028
Shea Rose, Ph.D. Assistant Dean, Professor srose@westga.edu 678-839-5190
Todd Parrish Client Services Technician tparrish@westga.edu 678-839-4902
Amy Ellison, M.A., M.L.I.S. Lecturer and GTA Coordinator aellison@westga.edu 678-839-4882
Christie Stevens Parking and Transportation Specialist cstevens@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Erin Dixon Lecturer: Painting & Foundations-Drawing edixon@westga.edu 678-839-5530
Rebecca Smith Associate Director of UWG Newnan & USG eCampus rsmith@westga.edu 678-839-2315
Donna Haley Registrar dhaley@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Paula Neild Departmental Assistant -Senior pneild@westga.edu 678-839-6280
Andrea Stanfield Interim Dean of Libraries and Information Literacy Coordinator astanfie@westga.edu 678-839-5503
Laura Clayton lclayton@westga.edu 678-839-3964
Teresa Metzger Teaching Assistant tmetzger@westga.edu 678-839-6091
Harry Nelson, D.P.A. Administrative Manager hnelson@westga.edu 678-839-4903
Jesus Gonzalez jgonzale@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Angela Rowell Accounts Payable Manager arowell@westga.edu 678-839-6396
Brandon Patterson bpatters@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Monica Williams Smith Assistant Dean monicas@westga.edu 678-839-6467
Charlie Sicignano Head of Acquisitions/Electronic Resources charlie@westga.edu 678-839-6369
Cindy Saxon csaxon@westga.edu 678-839-6083
Ann Robinson Instructor arobinso@westga.edu 678-839-4091
Christine Rolka, M.S. Lecturer crolka@westga.edu 678-839-6662
Andrew Carter, M.A. Curator of Collections, Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Archaeological Laboratory acarter@westga.edu 678-839-6305
Vicki Griffin Online Student Success Advisor-eCore/eMajor vgriffin@westga.edu 678-839-0691
Scott Carden scarden@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Elizabeth Baker Executive Director - Budget Services ebaker@westga.edu 678-839-4751
Austin Janowski austinj@westga.edu 678-839-5326
Mary Beth Phillips Student Employment Specialist mphillip@westga.edu 678-839-3934
Matthew Eidson meidson@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Crill Head, Ed.S. Lecturer chead@westga.edu 678-839-6188
Bill Green bgreen@westga.edu 678-839-3969
Michelle Ertzberger Assistant Director Administrative Services mertzber@westga.edu 678-839-5653
Dianne Hoff, Ed. D. Dean dhoff@westga.edu 678-839-6570
Justin Barlow Director of Admissions jbarlow@westga.edu 678-839-5600
Lisa Jackson Asst. Director Business Operations ljackson@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Amy Roberts aroberts@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Tina Puckett tpuckett@westga.edu 678-839-4737
Mautusi Mitra Associate Professor mmitra@westga.edu 678-839-5488
Michael Orsega, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director morsega@westga.edu 678-839-6655
Melissa Sullivan Graduate Studies Associate msulliva@westga.edu 678-839-5453
Emily Hall ehall@westga.edu 678-839-5367
Johnathan Williams Departmental IT Specialist jwilliam@westga.edu 678-839-5600
Melissa Johnson (Cavallin) Associate Professor & Graduate Program Coordinator mcavalli@westga.edu 678-839-4043
Richard Primuth Lecturer rprimuth@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Neal Chesnut, Ph.D. Chair and Associate Professor nchesnut@westga.edu 678-839-4094
Paul Rutledge Associate Professor prutledg@westga.edu 678-839-4997
Casey McGuire Associate Professor & Foundations Coordinator-Sculpture cmcguire@westga.edu 678-839-4952
Tiffany Parsons, M.A. Lecturer tparsons@westga.edu 678-839-6335
Fengrong Wei, Ph.D. Professor fwei@westga.edu 678-839-5314
Brad Deline Associate Professor bdeline@westga.edu 678-839-4061
Kelley Christopher Senior Lecturer kchristo@westga.edu 678-839-4893
Robert Kilpatrick Chair and Associate Professor of French rkilpatr@westga.edu 678-839-5960
Trent Ross, MBA Director tross@westga.edu 678-839-5131
Matthew Hild Lecturer mhild@westga.edu 678-839-6508
David Nickell, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing dnickell@westga.edu 678-839-5486
Brooke Keener Customer Service Coordinator bkeener@westga.edu 678-839-3096
Matt Cooke mcooke@westga.edu 678-839-6544
Nancy Watkins Administrative Support - Senior nwatkins@westga.edu 678-839-5400
David Haase, MS Assistant Athletic Director dhaase@westga.edu 678-839-5363
Cale Self, D.M.A. Associate Director of Bands and Instructor of Low Brass tcself@westga.edu 678-839-6268
Kay Farr, LPN Nurse kfarr@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Tammy Rollins ESC Call Center Supervisor trollins@westga.edu 678-839-6140
Anne Barnhart Professor and Head of Outreach & Assessment barnhart@westga.edu 678-839-6364
Pam Haynes Part-Time Instructor phaynes@westga.edu
Jenny M Ingram GCPA, GCPCA, GCPM, Purchasing Manager / P-Card jingram@westga.edu 678-839-5536
Kacy McBurnett Design & Prepress Assistant kmcburne@westga.edu 678-839-6483
Bethany Schmelzer Academic Advisor bschmelz@westga.edu 678-839-5539
Georgia Evans, Ed.D. Clinical Assistant Professor gevans@westga.edu 678-839-2243
Brett Miles USG eCampus Director of Administrative and Student Services bmiles@westga.edu 678-839-0632
Caroline McWhorter, M.B.A. Personnel Coordinator caroline@westga.edu 678-839-5287
Miriam Nauenburg Serials and Electronic Resources Cataloger nauen@westga.edu 678-839-5327
Jami P. Bower Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing jbower@westga.edu 678-839-6640
Scott Groninger sgroning@westga.edu 678-839-3967
Joy Ginther Academic Advisor III jginther@westga.edu 678-839-5446
Blaise Bergiel Professor of Marketing bbergiel@westga.edu 678-839-5012
Danny Gourley Fischer Director of Center for Adult Learners and Veterans dgourley@westga.edu 678-839-5210
Erika McClain, M.A. Program Specialist emcclain@westga.edu 678-839-6611
Lara Willox, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair lwillox@westga.edu 678-839-6059
Brian Mosier, Ph.D. Faculty, Chair bmosier@westga.edu 678-839-5424
Sheila Reed sreed@westga.edu 678-839-6559
Kellyn Purcell Budget Manager kpurcell@westga.edu 678-839-5582
Lisa Connell Associate Professor of French lconnell@westga.edu 678-839-5956
Christopher Bradford, GCPA Fleet & Materials Coordinator cbradfor@westga.edu 678-839-5665
Karen Tefend Associate Professor ktefend@westga.edu 678-839-5493
Anthony Fleming Associate Professor afleming@westga.edu 678-839-4998
Michael Hopper Senior Lecturer mhopper@westga.edu 678-839-4815
Holly Dever, MSN, RN Clinical Assistant Professor hdever@westga.edu 678-839-5643
Vicki Collier vcollier@westga.edu 678-839-6179
Landewatte De Silva, Ph.D. Associate Professor ldesilva@westga.edu 678-839-4089
Samantha White Senior Lecturer sdwhite@westga.edu 678-839-4827
Kim Holder Senior Lecturer of Economics and Director, Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy kholder@westga.edu 678-839-5423
Erin Duckett, BS, MS Lecturer educkett@westga.edu 678-839-4015
Deon Kay Film & Video Production Head & Associate Professor dkay@westga.edu 678-839-4942
Andrew Will Lecturer awill@westga.edu 678-839-4932
Viviene Wood, M.A. Lecturer vwood@westga.edu 678-839-5339
Lisa Elliott Little GCPA, GCPM, GCPCA, CPPB, Director of Procurement lelliott@westga.edu 678-839-6399
Jeff Smith jwsmith@westga.edu 678-839-6533
Victoria Yang Departmental Manager/Graduate Program Coordinator vyang@westga.edu 678-839-0613
Katie Theobald Manager of the Office of Undergraduate Research kate@westga.edu 678-839-5529
Hugh Russell Director of Information Solutions hrussell@westga.edu 678-839-4922
Christina Bearden HR Data Management Specialist cbearden@westga.edu 678-839-2982
Jason Lawler Superintendent - HVAC jlawler@westga.edu 678-839-5595
Sonya Watkins Records Coordinator swatkins@westga.edu 678-839-5600
Anthony Powers Departmental Assistant apowers@westga.edu 678-839-5600
Leah Cannon, RN Nurse leahc@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Sonya Barnes WUTV General Manager & Adjunct Instructor sbarnes@westga.edu 678-839-6437
Alicia Hargraves-Bradford Human Resources Business Partner ahargrav@westga.edu 678-839-5194
Estella Tolson-Cox etolson@westga.edu 678-839-3095
Cpl. Nolan Childers Patrol Divison nchilder@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Michael Mansour Adjunct mmansour@westga.edu 678-839-5199
Dana Sykes-Webster, AAS Library Administrative Support - Senior dsykes@westga.edu 678-839-6357
Christi Inglis Staff Architect cinglis@westga.edu 678-839-6373
Kyrk Walker GCPA, GCPM, Purchasing Manager, Campus Planning and Facilities larryw@westga.edu 678-839-6398
S. Mark Mitchell Instructor sammiem@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Elizabeth Freeman Associate Director efreeman@westga.edu 678-839-0665
Nichole Fannin '05, '10 Executive Director of Development & Interim Executive Director for the UWG Foundations nfannin@westga.edu 678-839-5035
Clint Backstrom Director of Enrollment Services Center cbackstr@westga.edu 678-839-6140
Billy Willey Library Departmental Assistant-Intermediate wwilley@westga.edu 678-839-6368
Elizabeth Smith Director for Auxiliary Enterprises esmith@westga.edu 678-839-5231
Brendan Bowen Associate Vice President - Campus Planning & Facilities bbowen@westga.edu 678-839-6385
Randall Rowland Financial Reporting Manager rrowland@westga.edu 678-839-5224
Craig Schroer, MA, MLS Head of Public Services & Systems Librarian craig@westga.edu 678-839-6355
Nikki Henderson Educational Program Specialist nhenders@westga.edu 678-839-5948
Joseph Etheredge Office Manager jethered@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Monte Curtis mcurtis@westga.edu 678-839-3972
Linxiao Liu Associate Professor lliu@westga.edu 678-839-4817
Michael Sinkey Associate Professor msinkey@westga.edu 678-839-5166
Kimberly Green Associate Professor kgreen@westga.edu 678-839-4831
Susana Velez-Castrillon Associate Professor svelez@westga.edu 678-839-4847
Michael Post Assistant Director, Print Services mpost@westga.edu 678-839-4072
Ely Elefante Director for Auxiliary Operations eelefant@westga.edu 678-839-5208
Kristy Gamble kgamble@westga.edu 678-839-4039
Christine Simmonds-Moore, Ph.D. Associate Professor csimmond@westga.edu 678-839-5334
Chris Childress Captioning Coordinator, Accessibility Services cchildre@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Josh Byrd, D.M.A. Associate Professor of Music, Director of Bands jbyrd@westga.edu 678-839-6267
Yan Yang, Ph.D. Associate Professor yyang@westga.edu 678-839-6133
Laura Miller, Ph.D. Associate Professor lmiller@westga.edu 678-839-4891
Felix Tweraser Professor of German ftwerase@westga.edu 678-839-5494
Winston Tripp, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology
Interim Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences
wtripp@westga.edu 678-839-5170
Carrie Carmack Lecturer ccarmack@westga.edu 678-839-5408
Kyunghee Moon, Ph.D. Associate Professor kmoon@westga.edu 678-839-4151
Tina Warren, MSN, RN Clinical Assistant Professor twarren@westga.edu 678-839-5631
Emily Hunt, M.M. Lecturer of Music ehunt@westga.edu 678-839-5219
Kathleen Skott-Myhre, Psy.D. Associate Professor kskott@westga.edu 678-839-0624
Angela Pashia Head of Learning & Research Support / Associate Professor apashia@westga.edu 678-839-6362
Patricia Riley Senior Lecturer priley@westga.edu 615-714-0510
Cindy Sears Administrative Assistant csears@westga.edu 678-839-5412
Alan Thomas Manager of Housing and Facilities athomas@westga.edu 678-839-6426
Jennifer Gordy, MPAcc Administrative Manager jgordy@westga.edu 678-839-4904
Chiffon Baulding Records Coordinator - Senior cbauldin@westga.edu 678-839-5513
Jessica Aldridge, MS, RDN, LD Part-time Faculty jessicaa@westga.edu 678-839-6530
Jamie Fernander Business Operations Specialist jfernand@westga.edu 678-839-2479
April Wood Stewart Director of New Student Programs awood@westga.edu 678-839-5104
Amanda Thomas Director of Assessment amandat@westga.edu 678-839-2228
Tiffany Christman Administrative Assistant tiffanyc@westga.edu 678-839-6447
Chelsea Duncan Academic Advisor cduncan@westga.edu 678-839-5342
Misty Parham mparham@westga.edu 678-839-4722
Caleb Couch Sales Floor Coordinator wcouch@westga.edu 678-839-5569
Dustin Meadows dmeadows@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Whitney Brand Academic Scheduler wbrand@westga.edu 678-839-3082
Joseph Monaghan Lecturer of Theatre & Lighting Designer jmonagha@westga.edu 678-839-4702
Katie Byrd, M.M. Instructor of Percussion kbyrd@westga.edu 678-839-6249
Nicole Wiltsie nwiltsie@westga.edu 678-839-6533
Tina Skinner Reece Business Operations Coordinator tskinner@westga.edu 678-839-2235
Alex Posivenko Assistant Director of Auxiliary Financial Management aposiven@westga.edu 678-839-5932
Dale Fleming Program Manager dfleming@westga.edu 678-839-6612
Ron Richards Director of Internal Audit rrichard@westga.edu 678-839-6342
Lindsey Robinson, MBA Fusion Center Manager lindseyr@westga.edu 678-839-5195
Kelly Smith, RN Director of Nursing kellys@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Andrew Nelson Web Applications Developer anelson@westga.edu 678-839-5269
William C. Schaniel Professor wschanie@westga.edu 678-839-4780
Diane Bowen dbowen@westga.edu 678-839-1388
Wesley Steverson, M.Ed., MSIT eCampus Director, Instructional Design & Development wstevers@westga.edu 678-839-2261
Lindsay Sneddon Human Resources Business Partner lsneddon@westga.edu 678-839-6412
Alicia Freed Communications Coordinator afreed@westga.edu 678-839-1393
Gloria Walker gloriaw@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Eric Cummings Programmer Analyst ecumming@westga.edu 678-839-4748
Jeffrey Zamostny Associate Professor of Spanish jzamostn@westga.edu 678-839-5959
Janice Wilder, MSN, RN, NP-C Lecturer janiceb@westga.edu 678-839-5638
Dave Ayers Assistant Professor dayers@westga.edu 678-839-3783
Kimberly Thompson Full-time Faculty kthompso@westga.edu 678-839-6178
Karey Groover Senior Staff Assistant kgroover@westga.edu 678-839-2392
Thad Dooley Dining Services Business Manager tdooley@westga.edu 678-839-2278
Denise Morris, MSN, RN Clinical Assistant Professor dmorris@westga.edu 678-839-2437
Todd Anduze Director tanduze@westga.edu 678-839-5080
Mark Schoon Associate Professor: Photography mschoon@westga.edu 678-839-4947
Jennifer McManus Associate Registrar jmcmanus@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Shawn Isaacs The WOLF Internet Radio General Manager & Adjunct Instructor sisaacs@westga.edu 678-839-6631
Sgt. Nick Garner Patrol Division ngarner@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Cynthia Wadlington, Ed.S. Instructor cwadling@westga.edu 678-839-5138
Colleen Kelly Administrative Support ckelly@westga.edu 678-839-5259
Misty Reeves Department Assistant msreeves@westga.edu 678-839-4087
Seth Cowart scowart@westga.edu 678-839-6571
Brandy Chambless, M.A. Senior Lecturer & Associate Director of First Year Writing bjames@westga.edu 678-839-4881
Lisa O'Neal Travel Services Accounting Assistant-Intermediate loneal@westga.edu 678-839-5303
Robyn Huss, Ed.D. Associate Professor rhuss@westga.edu 678-839-6187
Meredith NeSmith Ledbetter Educational Program Specialist mnesmith@westga.edu 678-839-3933
Lori Dixon-Leach, M.Ed. Cataloging Associate ldixon@westga.edu 678-839-6260
Jung Eun (Jessie) Hong Associate Professor jhong@westga.edu 678-839-5462
Jeannie Pridmore, Ph.D. Associate Professor jpridmor@westga.edu 678-839-4844
Cynthia Brown, DNS, RN, CNE Associate Professor cynthiab@westga.edu 678-839-5630
Hazel Cole Public Relations Head & Associate Professor hcole@westga.edu 678-839-4937
Jennifer Edelman, Ph.D. Department Chair and Associate Professor jedelman@westga.edu 678-839-6184
Chrissy Knoll, MS Faculty cknoll@westga.edu 678-839-2241
Robert Heaberlin, Ed.D. Senior Director, Chief Administrative Officer of Off-Campus Programs rheaberl@westga.edu 678-839-2313
Christopher Renaud Associate Professor crenaud@westga.edu 678-839-4929
John Sewell Assistant Professor & The West Georgian Advisor johns@westga.edu 678-839-4927
Mariana Sanchez Lecturer msanchez@westga.edu 678-839-5165
Andrew Edelman, Ph.D. Associate Professor aedelman@westga.edu 678-839-4042
Wanda Walker General Merchandise Manager wgwalker@westga.edu 678-839-5569
Sharon A. Segovia Administrative Manager - College of Education ssegovia@westga.edu 678-839-5161
Lama Farran, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Associate Professor and Program Director of Communication Sciences and Disorders lfarran@westga.edu 678-839-6075
Brian Brodsky Lecturer bbrodsky@westga.edu 678-839-5313
Diana Mindrila, Ph.D. Associate Professor dmindril@westga.edu 678-839-5520
Mary Alice Varga, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Director maryv@westga.edu
Yvonne Fuentes Associate Professor of Spanish yfuentes@westga.edu 678-839-5335
Betsy Dahms Associate Professor of Spanish edahms@westga.edu 678-839-5967
Laura Hill Lecturer of Spanish laurah@westga.edu 678-839-5965
Christopher Jett, Ph.D. Associate Professor cjett@westga.edu 678-839-4130
Lisa Robinson, DNP, RN, NP-C, CNL, CNE Associate Professor lisar@westga.edu 678-839-5427
Lourdes Cody, MSN, RN, CNE, CH Clinical Assistant Professor lcody@westga.edu 678-839-2459
Heather Bono Lecturer hrichard@westga.edu 678-839-5244
Duane Theobald, M.A. Coordinator, University Writing Center dtheobal@westga.edu 678-839-5312
Kathleen Barrett Assistant Professor kbarrett@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Benjamin Jenkins Sr. Lab Coordinator, Director of UWG Observatory bjenkins@westga.edu 678-839-4096
Dionne Bremyer, Ph.D. Associate Professor dbremyer@westga.edu 678-839-4877
Larry Rivers Associate Professor lrivers@westga.edu 678-839-6038
Matt Varga, Ph.D. Department Chair and Associate Professor mvarga@westga.edu 678-839-6117
Philip Reaves Lecturer preaves@westga.edu 678-839-4772
Dawn Neely, D.M.A. Associate Professor of Voice and Director of Opera Workshop dneely@westga.edu 678-839-6265
Emily Richardson Coordinator of Peer Tutoring erichard@westga.edu 678-839-5366
Stephanie G. Richards, MBA, GCPA Administrative Manager sgsmith@westga.edu 678-839-5640
Zachary Lee Web Developer - Senior zlee@westga.edu 678-839-5060
Brittany Mosley Office of Field Based Preparation bmosley@westga.edu 678-839-5162
Terri Ducker Counselor tducker@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Brian Henderson Director of Infrastructure and Operations bhenders@westga.edu 678-839-4004
Josh Higgins jhiggins@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Amanda Skinner Procurement Agent askinner@westga.edu 678-839-6304
Denise Askin Departmental Assistant daskin@westga.edu 678-839-6303
Charles Cantrell Associate Director of Operations ccantrel@westga.edu 678-839-6178
Pamela Chambers Access Control Specialist pchamber@westga.edu 678-839-3805
Rick Sigman Lecturer rsigman@westga.edu 678-839-4826
Hayden Farmer hfarmer@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Dixie Curley Pre-Award Coordinator dcurley@westga.edu 678-839-5354
Robert Young ryoung@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Meggie Miller Academic Instructional Support Specialist meggiem@westga.edu 678-839-5452
Mike Speir Manager of Business Operations mspeir@westga.edu 678-839-6543
Blynne Olivieri Head of Special Collections & Associate Professor bolivier@westga.edu 678-839-5455
Simone Lee, MBA Lecturer in Marketing sllee@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Glenn Eernisse, D.M.A. Instructor of Music, Trombone, Composition geerniss@westga.edu 678-839-6249
Candace Keach, M.M. Instructor of Flute ckeach@westga.edu 678-839-6516
C. Brad Whitfield, M.M. Instructor of Trumpet bwhitfie@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Nicolle Coleman ncoleman@westga.edu 678-839-5292
Katie Ross Associate Director of Admissions - Operations kross@westga.edu 678-839-5600
Dianne West, M.A. Writing Support Associate diannew@westga.edu 678-839-2429
Michael Yu Professor myu@westga.edu 678-839-6517
Charles Akin, MEd, BSEd Instructional Designer cakin@westga.edu 678-839-2430
Pam Murphy, M.A. Lecturer pamm@westga.edu 678-839-4885
Joseph Gagliardi jgagliar@westga.edu 678-839-4788
Lindsey Winchester, BS, MA Library Paraprofessional II lwinches@westga.edu 678-839-6502
Jeffry Hammack Departmental Associate jhammack@westga.edu 678-839-6415
Helen Roberts PPV Accounting Manager hroberts@westga.edu 678-839-6386
Donald White, Ph.D. Part Time Instructor dwhite@westga.edu 770-301-9648
William Nolen wnolen@westga.edu 678-839-6576
April Luallen Registration - Departmental Associate aluallen@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Melissa Williams Accounting Manager melissaw@westga.edu 678-839-5535
John Lyons Director of Campus Dining jlyons@westga.edu 678-839-5076
Jake Spain Systems Administrator jspain@westga.edu 678-839-5206
Donna Lyle Administrative Division dlyle@westga.edu 678-839-4969
Alex Stewart GCPA, M.B.A.,GCPM, Contract Manager astewart@westga.edu 678-839-6395
Charlotte Ayres Technical Assistant cayres@westga.edu 678-839-6421
Embry Ice, BBA Graduate Studies Associate eice@westga.edu 678-839-5115
Teri Deese tdeese@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Allyson Bretch Director of Annual Giving abretch@westga.edu 678-839-5261
Evita Skiles, MBA Administrative Support, Senior eskiles@westga.edu 678-839-6449
Glaucio Scremin, Ed. D. Part-time Faculty gscremin@westga.edu 678-839-6530
Holly Mostrom Benefits Administrator hmostrom@westga.edu 678-839-6338
Ashley Carroll-McCarley Technical Services Budgeting and Accounting Associate amccarle@westga.edu 678-839-6492
Samuel Thompson Associate Network Engineer samuelt@westga.edu 678-839-4009
Larry Sharp lsharp@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Phillip Thornton Locksmith pthornto@westga.edu 678-839-6584
Zale Lewallen Communications Division zlewalle@westga.edu 678-839-6000
George Parmer Manager of Asset Management & Surplus Property georgep@westga.edu 678-839-6393
Gail Foster Administrative Support gfoster@westga.edu 678-839-4806
Marla Wilks mwilks@westga.edu 678-839-3786
Laura Smith, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Director lauras@westga.edu 678-839-6115
Kevin Casper, Ph.D. Assistant Professor kcasper@westga.edu 678-839-4157
Melanie Conrad Lecturer mconrad@westga.edu 678-839-4930
Malcom Devoe, Ph.D. Instructor mdevoe@westga.edu 678-839-4139
Ken Hilderhoff Lecturer in Marketing khilderh@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Vanessa Woodward Griffin, Ph.D. Associate Professor vwoodwar@westga.edu
Elizabeth Ayers, Ph.D. Adjunct eayers@westga.edu
Rosemary Kellison, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Director of Philosophy Program
rkelliso@westga.edu 678-839-5514
Nguyen Hoang, Ph.D. Associate Professor nhoang@westga.edu 678-839-5336
Jennifer Beggs Weber, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Director of Women's Studies
jbweber@westga.edu 678-839-4896
Molly McCullers Associate Professor mmcculle@westga.edu 678-839-6046
Emily McKendry-Smith, Ph.D. Associate Professor emckendr@westga.edu 678-839-5404
Erin Lee Mock, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of Film Studies emock@westga.edu 678-839-5487
Jennifer Smolka, Ph.D. Part-time Instructor jsmolka@westga.edu 678-839-6552
Betty Speir, MSN, RN, CHSE Manager of the Experiential Learning Center bspeir@westga.edu 678-839-2405
Ryan Lamfers Lecturer: Sculpture & Foundations rlamfers@westga.edu 678-839-4945
Veena Paliwal, Ph.D. Associate Professor vpaliwal@westga.edu 678-839-4128
Nicholas Sterling, Ph.D. Associate Professor nsterlin@westga.edu 678-839-5139
Ralph Brooks rbrooks@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Janet Genz Associate Professor jgenz@westga.edu 678-839-4032
Adriana D'Alba, Ph.D. Associate Professor adalba@westga.edu 678-839-6129
Catherine Gorga cgorga@westga.edu 678-839-6547
Richard Burton Part-time Instructor of Marketing rburton@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Harry Nelson, D.P.A. Instructor of Guitar hnelson@westga.edu 678-839-4903
Twyla Perryman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders tperryma@westga.edu 678-839-6166
Clint Brannon Web Associate cbrannon@westga.edu 678-839-5170
Anne Hunter Library Paraprofessional I ahunter@westga.edu 678-839-6495
Nkechi Aikhuele, BSN, RN Part-time Instructor naikhuel@westga.edu 678-839-6552
Terry Davis tdavis@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Sharon Kirby Instructor skirby@westga.edu 678-839-4087
Deborah Lozo Instructor dlozo@westga.edu 678-839-6171
Michelle Hawkins Director for Budget, Planning & Finance mhawkins@westga.edu 678-839-4732
Katie Taylor ktaylor@westga.edu 678-839-3105
Anna Bentley Records Coordinator annak@westga.edu
Amanda Wright, M.Ed. Assistant Director, Public Service & Outreach awright@westga.edu 678-839-2253
John L. Roberts, Ph.D. Associate Professor jroberts@westga.edu 678-839-0615
Brooke Sparks, M.A. Part Time Instructor lsparks@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Destiny Circle dcircle@westga.edu 678-839-6576
David Porubiansky dporubia@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Marisa Ihus mihus@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Judy Maxwell judym@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Tiffany Harris Senior Departmental Assistant tharris@westga.edu 678-839-5466
Bill Lawson wlawson@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Blake Wingo Patrol Division bwingo@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Larry Traylor ltraylor@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Jennifer Stewart eCampus Academic Advisor stewartj@westga.edu 678-839-6378
David Dean ddean@westga.edu 678-839-1898
Yolanda Kelley Academic Advisor ykelley@westga.edu 678-839-6087
Tamija Tucker Academic Advisor ttucker@westga.edu 678-839-5342
Donald Gay dgay@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Tina Heuer theuer@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Robert Ratzlaff rratzlaf@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Chris Reece Client Services Manager - Management creece@westga.edu 678-839-5149
Amy Hollingsworth Work Information Specialist aholling@westga.edu 678-839-6313
Lauren Johnson, M.S. Faculty laurenj@westga.edu 678-839-6149
Mandi Campbell Learning Specialist & Online Certification Coordinator acampbel@westga.edu 678-839-5288
Juli Larson, MEd Academic Advisor jlarson@westga.edu 678-839-2394
April Duffie Prospect Research Coordinator aduffie@westga.edu 678-839-4136
Janet Crow jcrow@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Janet Brown Comprehensive Community Clinic Coordinator janetb@westga.edu 678-839-5522
Richard LaFleur, Ph.D. Instructor rlafleur@westga.edu 678-839-5414
Sarah Smitherman Departmental Assistant ssmither@westga.edu 678-839-4729
James Taylor jtaylor@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Toby Ziglar, Ph.D. Assistant Dean of the Graduate School tziglar@westga.edu 678-839-1390
Jeffrey Johnson jefferyj@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Clayton Mitchell cmitchel@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Stephen Delaney Associate Director of Operations sdelaney@westga.edu 678-839-5500
Kevin Robinson Front Office Manager krobinso@westga.edu 678-839-6431
Rhoanda McCrary Accounts Payable Accounting Assistant - Senior rmccrary@westga.edu 678-839-6397
Dewey Welch dwelch@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Dana Werner Executive Secretary to the Sr. Vice President dwerner@westga.edu 678-839-6410
Scott Puckett Budget Analyst, Senior spuckett@westga.edu 678-839-2259
Hope Trimble Graduation - Departmental Assistant dtrimble@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Cheryl Taylor Applications Programmer ctaylor@westga.edu 678-839-4003
Jennifer Schuessler, PhD, RN, CNE Tanner Health System School of Nursing Dean jschuess@westga.edu 678-839-5640
Joshua Black, M.A. joshb@westga.edu 678-839-4890
Shannon Finck, Ph.D. Lecturer sfinck@westga.edu 678-839-4850
Ashley Dycus Lecturer adycus@westga.edu 678-839-4887
Amanda Shoemake Instructor amandas@westga.edu 678-839-4859
Melissa Jackson, M.F.A. Instructor mjackson@westga.edu
Jessica Blakemore jblakemo@westga.edu 678-839-5398
Marianne Russell Budget Manager mrussell@westga.edu 678-839-6589
Alvin Paige apaige@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Julie Stone Ingle jstone@westga.edu 678-839-5293
Crystal Pritchett Accounts Payable Accounting Assistant-Intermediate cpritche@westga.edu 678-839-5357
Ryan Bronkema, Ph.D. Director of First-Year Academic Initiatives, Associate Professor of Counselor Education and College Student Affairs rbronkem@westga.edu 678-839-6069
Lynn Pazzani, Ph.D. Associate Professor lpazzani@westga.edu 678-839-6328
Mai Naito Mills, Ph.D. Associate Professor mnaito@westga.edu 678-839-5160
John Garner, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy jgarner@westga.edu 678-839-4886
Laura Lee Beasley, Ph.D. Lecturer lbeasley@westga.edu 678-653-1538
Keri Adams Lecturer and Assistant Director of the Center for Public History madams@westga.edu 678-839-5275
Ericka Wentz, Ph.D. Associate Professor ewentz@westga.edu 678-839-6330
Faith Payne, MA, LMSW Lecturer fpayne@westga.edu 678-839-5309
Cheryl Nye cnye@westga.edu 678-839-6479
Gavin Lee Associate Professor gavinl@westga.edu
Katherine Green, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Area Coordinator kbgreen@westga.edu 678-839-6068
Robert Voelkel, Jr., Ed. D. Part Time Instructor rvoelkel@westga.edu 858-442-1625
Carrie Ziglar Director cziglar@westga.edu 678-839-6280
Tya Miller Client Services Manager - Maintenance tmiller@westga.edu 678-839-6012
Randy Blackmon, Ed.D. Academic Advisor rblackmo@westga.edu 678-839-2314
Paula Brooks paulab@westga.edu 678-839-6563
Thomas Hays Part Time Instructor thays@westga.edu 678-839-6415
Jairus-Joaquin Matthews Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders jmatthew@westga.edu 678-839-5272
Bill Tidwell Accessibility Counselor wtidwell@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Robert Chesser Web Designer rchesser@westga.edu 678-839-6011
Jerome Walker jwalker@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Michael Williams Reverend mpwillia@westga.edu 678-839-6573
Eden Brown Parking and Transportation Specialist etaylor@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Marie Melkowski Administrative Assistant - Senior mmelkows@westga.edu
Nadejda Williams Professor nwilliam@westga.edu 678-839-5370
Beth René Roepnack, Ph.D. broepnac@westga.edu 678-839-5300
Heather Topping Departmental Assistant htopping@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Lauren Allen, M.Ed. Academic Advisor lallen@westga.edu 678-839-5419
Edgar Buchanan ebuchana@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Sheree Srader Director Planning and Construction Services ssrader@westga.edu 678-839-5599
Lindsey Dobbs Administrative Support - Innovations Lab ldobbs@westga.edu 678-839-6574
Robbie Webb rwebb@westga.edu 678-839-6533
Trudy Saxon Registration - Departmental Assistant tsaxon@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Richard Lefevre Captioning Specialist, Accessibility Services rlefevre@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Robin Smith robins@westga.edu 678-839-5456
Jessica Thurber Departmental Assistant jthurber@westga.edu 678-839-5199
Martha (Lori) Gonzalez Intermediate Accountant mgonzale@westga.edu 678-839-4737
Darius Thomas Student Conduct Specialist: Case Manager dthomas@westga.edu 678-839-2465
Brandon White Criminal Investigations Division bwhite@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Christy Jewell, MSN, FNP-C Women Health - Nurse Practioner cmerrill@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Katie Shoemake Educational Program Specialist-eCore gshoemak@westga.edu 678-839-4785
Ashlee Pollard Assistant Director - Operations apollard@westga.edu 678-839-6140
Mary Hester ecr-mhester2@westga.edu 678-839-5300
Carmen Toole ctoole@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Paul Sargent Assistant Director psargent@westga.edu 678-839-4780
Alan Byrd Client Services Technician - Senior abyrd@westga.edu 678-839-4913
Carlos Figueroa Parking and Transportation Specialist cfiguero@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Lisa Lambert Immunization Clerk llambert@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Monica Thornton Graduation - Departmental Associate mthornto@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Anne Chaffin, Ed.S. Instructor achaffin@westga.edu 678-839-6121
Christina Fogarty Part-time Faculty cschoern@westga.edu 678-839-6530
Sandra Huey Compensation & Benefits Manager shuey@westga.edu 678-839-4746
Cassie Manley Outreach Coordinator/Diversity Liaison cmanley@westga.edu 678-839-6428
Jennifer Egas Instructor jegas@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Aleah S. Brock, M.Ed., CCC-SLP First-Year Clinical Coordinator and Instructor of Communication Sciences and Disorders abrock@westga.edu 678-839-6170
Nicole Wolfe Assistant Director of Admissions - Operations nwolfe@westga.edu 678-839-5600
Blake Bass Education Consultant rbass@westga.edu 678-839-2318
Linda Mazzola Departmental Associate lmazzola@westga.edu 678-839-6426
Marty Davis, M.A. Director gdavis@westga.edu 678-839-6614
Robert Ellington Director of Accounting rellingt@westga.edu 678-839-5537
Amy Lavender Marketing Program Manager alavende@westga.edu 678-839-6197
Kristy Nations knations@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Katie Brittain kbrittai@westga.edu 678-839-4737
Lee Augsburger Web Services Specialist-Senior laugsbur@westga.edu 678-839-5049
Stephanie Smith stephani@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Rebecca Robinson Administrative Support rebeccar@westga.edu 678-839-6567
Ryan Morgan Academic Technology Services Team - Senior kennethm@westga.edu 678-839-6499
Fred Ricketson Director Facilities and Grounds frickets@westga.edu 678-839-6580
Darah Smallwood Executive Secretary dsmallwo@westga.edu 678-839-4002
Robert A. Griffin, Ed.D. Assistant Professor rgriffin@westga.edu 678-390-3653
John Leeds jleeds@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Roseanna Flores Departmental Assistant rflores@westga.edu 678-839-6421
Daron Prater Budget Analyst, Intermediate dprater@westga.edu 678-839-5484
Jesse Brewer Manager of Web Innovation jbrewer@westga.edu 678-839-5642
Mindy Hess mhess@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Charles Bradfield cbradfie@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Manica Pierrette Assistant Director of Facilities & Events mpierret@westga.edu 678-839-5378
Joshua Garner joshuag@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Andy Russell Manager for Safety and Security arussell@westga.edu 678-839-6426
Steve Nicholson Data Collections Coordinator snichols@westga.edu 678-839-4110
Katherine Fontanella, M.S. Tk20 Unit Administrator kfontane@westga.edu 678-839-6104
Nuzair Nuwaiz Applications Support mnuwaiz@westga.edu 678-839-4951
Marco Castellanos mcastell@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Wilmani Humphries Senior Financial Aid Advisor whumphri@westga.edu 678-839-6421
Kendall Dickey kdickey@westga.edu 678-839-4787
Shana Kinnard Administrative Assistant skinnard@westga.edu 678-839-4754
Dr. Alicia M. Welch Strategic Planning Analyst aliciaw@westga.edu 678-839-4870
Frank Fontanella Assistant Professor ffontane@westga.edu 678-839-4041
Nathan Vargas Departmental Assistant nvargas@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Stephanie Chalifoux Associate Professor schalifo@westga.edu 678-839-6043
Anca Koczkas Assistant Professor of Spanish akoczkas@westga.edu 678-839-5961
Young Ik Suh, Ph.D. Faculty ysuh@westga.edu 678-839-6193
Ana Zapata-Calle Associate Professor of Spanish azapata@westga.edu 678-839-5963
Ihor Pidhainy Assistant Professor ipidhain@westga.edu 678-839-6047
Misty Wilson Lecturer mistyw@westga.edu 678-839-5315
Manisha Redus mredus@westga.edu 678-839-3965
Geoffrey Lundeen Part-Time Instructor glundeen@westga.edu
Doug Hines dhines@westga.edu 678-839-5566
Xavier Whitaker Sr. Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management xwhitake@westga.edu 678-839-6423
Teresa Folk Departmental Assistant tfolk@westga.edu 678-839-4737
Connie Barbour, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE Associate Dean & Assistant Professor cbarbour@westga.edu 678-839-5421
Kelly Dyar, EdD, RN, CCN, CN Assistant Professor kdyar@westga.edu 678-839-5625
Sally Richter, EdD, RN MSN Director Assistant Professor srichter@westga.edu 678-839-2431
Yun Cheng Assistant Professor ycheng@westga.edu 678-839-4818
Brittney Beth Drummond, M.A. Instructor bdrummon@westga.edu 678-839-4855
Matt Franks, Ph.D. Associate Professor mfranks@westga.edu 678-839-4875
Leah Haught, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Coordinator for Publishing and Editing Certificate lhaught@westga.edu 678-839-2242
Jonathan Gratch, Ph.D. Part Time Instructor jgratch@westga.edu
Martin McPhail Assistant Professor mmcphail@westga.edu 678-839-6550
Melissa Johnston, Ph.D. Associate Professor mjohnsto@westga.edu 678-839-6060
Susan Mullins smullins@westga.edu 678-839-6558
David Mitchell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor davidm@westga.edu 678-839-0609
Corey Maggiano Assistant Professor, Director BAFAL Laboratory cmaggian@westga.edu 678-839-6456
Isabel Maggiano Lecturer, Anthropology Program Coordinator imaggian@westga.edu 678-839-6450
Kelli Sowerbrower Kelli Sowerbrower, Ph.D. ksowerbr@westga.edu 678-542-4491
Christy Land, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and College Student Affairs cland@westga.edu 678-839-6084
Olivia Uwamahoro, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and College Student Affairs oliviau@westga.edu 678-839-6127
Logan Leslie Assistant Professor lleslie@westga.edu 678-839-6067
Xiaofeng Gu, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Coordinator of Math Tutoring Center xgu@westga.edu 678-839-4143
Robin Strain Clinical Instructor rstrain@westga.edu 678-839-4795
Dylan McLean Assistant Professor dmclean@westga.edu 678-839-4989
Tanya Thomas Lecturer tthomas@westga.edu 678-839-4834
Kyle Carter Instructor kylec@westga.edu 678-839-5134
Randal Dodson Asst. Dir. Of Campus Dining rdodson@westga.edu 678-839-4082
John Morris Assistant Professor: Photography johnm@westga.edu 678-839-5995
Julie Hawk, Ph.D. Research Development Coordinator and Lecturer of English jhawk@westga.edu 678-839-1396
Sarah Pruvenok spruveno@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Rickey Hunley rhunley@westga.edu 678-839-6533
Terry Bagwell Instructor wbagwell@westga.edu 678-839-3113
Evelyn Sarpong esarpong@westga.edu 678-839-6552
Melanie McLean Departmental Assistant, College of Social Sciences mmclean@westga.edu 678-839-5170
Angelika Ozier Budget aozier@westga.edu 678-839-4121
Molly Breckling, Ph.D. Limited Term Instructor of Music mbreckli@westga.edu 678-839-2432
Richard (Bric) Barker, M.A. rbarker@westga.edu 678-839-4867
Lisa Bell lbell@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Jared Boggus jboggus@westga.edu 678-839-6533
Michael Brooks Move Crew Superintendent mbrooks@westga.edu 678-839-5668
Tiffany Haney thaney@westga.edu
Tony Hawkins thawkins@westga.edu 678-839-6533
Holly Sailers, CPA Chief Financial Officer for the UWG Foundations & Executive Director of Advancement Services hsailers@westga.edu 678-839-4161
Angela Colbert acolbert@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Kaitlin VanSkiver Communications Division kvanskiv@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Monte Gometz Parking and Transportation Specialist mgometz@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Arielle Vaughan Departmental Assistant akorsgaa@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Tonya Richie Records Coordinator - Senior trichie@westga.edu 678-839-1392
Teresa D'Emilio tdemilio@westga.edu 678-839-5202
Kathy Cannon Executive Administrative Associate kcannon@westga.edu 678-839-6120
David Haase Assistant Athletic Director dhaase@westga.edu 678-839-5363
Justin Mayercik Departmental Associate jmayerci@westga.edu 678-839-6262
Russell Cavender rcavende@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Harriett Holley ESC Generalist/Bursar Representative hholley@westga.edu 678-839-6140
Logan Hall Taulien Assistant Director of Admissions- Recruitment, Transfer ltaulien@westga.edu 678-839-4000
Karen Lingrell, M Assoc Direct Collaborative Programs, eCore/eMajor klingrel@westga.edu 678-839-5278
Ngoc Vo Instructional designer nvo@westga.edu 678-839-5266
Kecia May kmay@westga.edu 678-839-5300
Charmaine Holliway Academic Advisor cholliwa@westga.edu 678-839-5342
Amy Wiggins Executive Associate to the Dean awiggins@westga.edu 678-839-6103
Shelby Brown ecr-sbrown54@westga.edu 678-839-5300
Ronald Davis rdavis@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Vonal Faison vfaison@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Tommy Jenks Interim Bursar tjenks@westga.edu 678-839-4737
Wade Crenshaw Parking and Transportation Manager wcrensha@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Matthew Harlowe mharlowe@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Kendall McCamy kmccamy@westga.edu 678-839-5300
Kyle Youngs System Administrator kyoungs@westga.edu 678-839-4005
James Davis Studio Technician jamesd@westga.edu 678-839-2265
Samuel Horsley Academic Advisor II shorsley@westga.edu 678-839-5342
Kevin Terry kterry@westga.edu 678-839-6532
Lisa Kunkler Assistant Director of Accounting lkunkler@westga.edu 678-839-2264
Danielle (Nikki) Gage COSS Center for Research Program Coordinator dgage@westga.edu 678-839-5174
Russell Crutchfield Associate Vice President & Chief of Staff to the President rcrutchf@westga.edu 678-839-6442
Mitzi Thompson Departmental Assistant mthompso@westga.edu 678-839-6518
George Petkovich Part-time Instructor of Real Estate gpetkovi@westga.edu 678-839-6318
Jessica Wilson Academic Advisor jwilson@westga.edu 678-839-5045
Beverly Albright balbrigh@westga.edu 678-839-0626
Catherine Whitley, MSN, RN, CHPN, C Clinical Assistant Professor cwhitley@westga.edu 678-839-2443
Angela Brodsky OER Instructional Designer abrodsky@westga.edu 678-839-2477
Amy Wagner Part-Time Instructor awagner@westga.edu
Angela Walker awalker@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Daryl Gibbs dgibbs@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Andrew Powell Access Control Manager apowell@westga.edu 678-839-3101
Linda Bridges Custodial Superintendent lbridges@westga.edu 678-839-5661
Quin Roberts Residence Life Coordinator qroberts@westga.edu 678-839-6426
Charles Wigington cwigingt@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Melissa Frederick Transfer - Assistant Registrar mfrederi@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Toby Wilkinson twilkins@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Timika Boykin Human Resources Business Partner tboykin@westga.edu 678-839-2286
Madeline Freeman ecr-mfreema5@westga.edu 678-836-5300
Jeremy Ross jross@westga.edu 678-839-5563
Alicia McCamy Program Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator and External Relations amccamy@westga.edu 678-839-5130
Jonathan Killmeier Web Support Specialist jkillmei@westga.edu 678-839-2284
Netasha Russell Administrative Support nrussell@westga.edu 678-839-1394
Whitney Benefield Accounting Assistant - Intermediate wbenefie@westga.edu 678-839-4111
Kari Ann Wolfe Departmental Assistant kwester@westga.edu 678-839-6263
Joshua Hawkesworth Project Manager jhawkesw@westga.edu 678-839-5299
Adolfo Velasquez avelasqu@westga.edu 678-839-5984
Catherine Fontenot cfonteno@westga.edu 678-839-6147
Greg Buice gbuice@westga.edu 678-839-1814
Mia Fanning USG eCampus Communications Manager mbennafi@westga.edu 678-839-4898
Hal Mash Manager of Residential Dining, Z-6 hmash@westga.edu 678-839-5545
Drew Powell Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness wpowell@westga.edu 678-839-5382
Janice Bramble jbramble@westga.edu 678-839-5013
Cody Kennedy ckennedy@westga.edu 678-839-6539
Schwanda Jackson Part Time Instructor swjackso@westga.edu
Christina Lark clark@westga.edu 678-839-6547
Megan Mayercik Program Coordinator mmayerci@westga.edu 678-839-2288
Tabitha Webster Departmental Assistant twebster@westga.edu 678-839-5019
Brittany Cook Coordinator of Student Services bcook@westga.edu 678-839-2372
Jake Berry Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services jberry@westga.edu 678-839-2369
Tiffany Powers, M.Ed. Administrative Assistant tpowers@westga.edu 678-839-3929
Bradley Horton bhorton@westga.edu 678-839-6576
LeQuinta (Taylor) Bryant Assistant Professor lbryant@westga.edu 678-839-4153
Elizabeth Kramer, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Music History ekramer@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Jenna Harte jharte@westga.edu 678-839-4880
Jessica Renard Education Abroad Program Coordinator jrenard@westga.edu 678-839-2726
Janet Donohoe Dean of the Honors College and Professor of Philosophy jdonohoe@westga.edu 678-839-4743
Jennifer Sutton Library Departmental Assistant-Associate jsutton@westga.edu 678-839-6502
Basia Wilas Residence Life Coordinator bwilas@westga.edu 678-839-6426
Ariel Jones Budget Manager arielj@westga.edu 678-839-5374
Annemarie Eades VP/CIO Information Technology aeades@westga.edu 678-839-6100
Lauren Adams Marketing and Promotions Coordinator laurena@westga.edu 678-839-0659
Al Thomas althomas@westga.edu 678-839-3963
Lt. Robert Gibson Patrol Division rgibson@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Taylor Hall thall@westga.edu 678-839-5300
Latonya Ackey-Brown lackey@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Jonathan Corley, Ph.D. Assistant Professor jcorley@westga.edu 678-839-4879
Betty Cantrell bcantrel@westga.edu 678-839-6496
De'andre Derico dderico@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Mickey Barker mbarker@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Gloria Beasley gbeasley@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Anthony Burner aburner@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Rachelle Daniel Custodial Services rdaniel@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Rebekah Downer rdowner@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Annie Farley afarley@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Lok Lew Yan Voon, Ph.D. Professor of Physics lokl@westga.edu 678-839-3111
Morgan Kirby Departmental Assistant mkirby@westga.edu 678-839-6570
Jennifer McNiel jmcniel@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Rebecca Gault, Ph.D. Assistant Professor rgault@westga.edu 678-839-2354
Jennifer K. Allen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor jkallen@westga.edu 678-839-6185
Morris Council, III Assistant Professor mcouncil@westga.edu 678-839-6121
Anna Payne Instructor apayne@westga.edu 678-839-5179
Tim Payne tpayne@westga.edu 404-680-3818
Jonathan Mark Hendrix, M.A. Instructor jhendrix@westga.edu 678-839-4884
Brittani McNeal, Ph.D. Assistant Professor bmcneal@westga.edu 678-839-3787
Stacey Britton, PhD Assistant Professor sbritton@westga.edu 678-839-6066
Marian Buzon mbuzon@westga.edu 678-839-4058
Laura Caramanica, Phd, RN, FAAN Associate Professor lcaraman@westga.edu 678-839-5628
Russell Kelly rkelly@westga.edu 678-839-6518
Oliver Duah, MSN, RN Clinical Assistant Professor oduah@westga.edu 678-839-5533
Patty Moran, DNP, RN Clinical Assistant Professor pmoran@westga.edu 678-839-5637
Latesha Tsoungui ltsoungu@westga.edu 678-839-6552
Steven Reeves sreeves@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Carmen Zinn, Ph.D. Part-Time Instructor czinn@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Michael Arterburn marterbu@westga.edu 678-839-6547
Robin Custard Instructor rcustard@westga.edu 678-839-5301
Nathan Rees Assistant Professor: Art History nrees@westga.edu 678-839-4955
Yvette Brown ybrown@westga.edu 678-839-6547
Stephanie Piper spiper@westga.edu 678-839-2630
Daniel Brooks dbrooks@westga.edu 678-839-6547
Melissa Brillhart MA, RD, LD Faculty mbrillha@westga.edu 678-839-3978
Linda Morris Part-Time Instructor lmorris@westga.edu
Gina Brandenburg, M.S., CHES, CWP Faculty gbranden@westga.edu 678-839-2239
Tamara Elliott Manager of Residence Life telliott@westga.edu 678-839-6426
Bill Murphey bmurphey@westga.edu 678-839-6479
Cecilia deAza-Post Part-time Instructor of Spanish cdeazapo@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Jeffery Flaugher Criminal Investigations Division jflaughe@westga.edu 678-839-4977
James Topping Locksmith jtopping@westga.edu 678-839-6584
Delene Volkert, PhD, RN, CNE EdD Director and Assistant Professor dvolkert@westga.edu 678-839-5639
Hailey Jordan Patrol Division hjordan@westga.edu 678-839-6000
Marie-Cécile Bertau, Ph.D. Associate Professor mbertau@westga.edu 678-839-0616
Mikhail Beznosov Instructor mbeznosov@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Theodore Peterson Graduate Assistant tpeters2@my.westga.edu
Napolita Hooper-Simanga nhooper@westga.edu 678-839-5300
Abdelkader Agoun Instructor aagoun@westga.edu 678-839-3107
Tonya Strickland Assistant Professor tstrickl@westga.edu 678-839-5197
Carol Thomas Part-Time Instructor carolt@westga.edu
Sonal Patel Instructor spatel@westga.edu 678-839-4123
Kimberley Scasny Assistant Professor kscasny@westga.edu 678-839-5196
Margaret Good Paraprofessional I mgood@westga.edu 678-839-6502
Stephanie Urich Administrative Assistant - Writing Center surich@westga.edu 678-839-6513
Denise Overfield, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School doverfie@westga.edu 678-839-1394
Christine Fuchs Instructor of Theatre-Acting cfuchs@westga.edu 678-839-1859
Brittany Janowski Medical Externship Coordinator & Instructor bjanowsk@westga.edu 678-839-6156
Michael Poss mposs@westga.edu 678-839-6452
Rachel Davis racheld@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Stephen Chandler schandle@westga.edu 678-839-2362
Sherell Bahadoor sbahadoo@westga.edu 678-839-5983
Humphrey May Parking and Transportation Shift Lead hmay@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Amanda Mashburn Laboratory Coordinator amashbur@westga.edu 678-839-4096
Kelsey Jones dis-kjones64@westga.edu 678-839-6248
Collette Richoux dis-crichou1@westga.edu 678-839-6248
Rachel Gourley Fischer Transfer Evaluation Coordinator rfischer@westga.edu 678-839-6438
Nichole Ray Certification and Training Specialist nray@westga.edu 678-839-2472
Carla Wallace Parking and Transportation Specialist carlaw@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Gregory T. Payne, Ph.D. Professor, Department Chair gpayne@westga.edu 678-839-6547
David Jenks, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Criminology djenks@westga.edu 678-839-2366
Maria Shurant Insurance & Life Safety Manager mshurant@westga.edu 678-839-6278
Brittany Christman bchristm@westga.edu 678-839-6547
Sara Perez Parking and Transportation Specialist sperez@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Emily Fincham Administrative Support efincham@westga.edu 678-839-2463
Joette Murphy joettem@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Joseph Tuck jtuck@westga.edu 678-839-6496
Maurice Peoples Parking and Transportation Specialist mpeoples@westga.edu 678-839-6629
Kristian Gammon Production Assistant kgammon@westga.edu 678-839-6483
Chris Dukes cdukes@westga.edu 678-839-6576
Jeremy Wildberger Web Services Specialist jwildber@westga.edu 678-839-5249
Erin Williams, J.D. Civil Rights Investigator & Equal Opportunity Specialist erint@westga.edu 678-839-3801
Bradley Farr