UWG Transient Students

Students that plan to enroll in courses at another institution as a transient must follow the steps below to confirm their financial aid funds will be available for the term they wish to be a transient student:

1.    Complete UWG Undergraduate Transient Permission Form or the Graduate Transient Permission Form, depending on your status. This form is required by the Registrar’s Office and is necessary to ensure your transient classes will transfer and/or be accepted back to UWG for your degree program. Ensure a copy is sent to Financial Aid.

2.    Apply for admission to host institution.

3.    Apply for financial aid at UWG. (For Summer financial aid, you must also complete the online Summer Financial Aid application through Banweb).

4.    Register for courses at host institution.

5.    Pay all fees due at host institution.

Note: Students must pay any fees that they incur at the host institution by the host institution’s fee payment deadline. UWG will not send your financial aid to your host institution to pay your tuition and fees.

6.    A refund will be disbursed to the student during UWG’s scheduled disbursement dates for each semester. (Summer disbursements usually occur at the end of June).

7.    After your transient term is over, submit a final academic transcript from the host institution to UWG. A hold for the upcoming term will be placed on your student account until we receive your final transcript.

Guest Transient Students

Welcome To University Of West Georgia! We're Glad You've Chosen to Attend. Here Are Your Next Steps As A Guest Wolf:

1. Complete the Transient Request process at your home institution.

2. Apply for admission to UWG.

3. Apply for federal financial aid through your home institution.

4. Register for courses at UWG.

5. If eligible for HOPE, request your home institution send a HOPE Transient Certificate to UWG.

6. Pay all fees due at UWG. See Tuition, Fees, and Charges here.

7. After the transient term is over, submit a final copy of the academic transcript from UWG to your home institution.

For all questions and concerns, please email transientfa@westga.edu